Noah’s Ark Discovery Video

A new claim by an evangelical Christian filmmaker and Turkish scientists that the The 4,800-year old remains of the Biblical artefact, Noah’s Ark has been found encased in a “Durupinar site” about 18 miles south of the Greater Ararat summit. The Durupinar site is a large rock formation that looks like a boat.It has been met with equal parts excitement and skepticism.

‘It’s not 100 per cent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.We are only 99 percent certain that it is Noah’s Ark based on historical accounts, including the Bible and local beliefs of the people in the area, as well as carbon dating. said Yeung Wing-cheung, a documentary filmmaker working with the 15-strong team of fundamentalist Christians exploring the Turkish mountain.

According to different religious mythologies, Noah followed instructions from God Almighty to build Noah’s ark to save not only himself but every pair of animal kingdom present at his time from the epic flood that ended in complete wash over of the life in the world at that time, leaving only those who were with Noah in Noah’s Ark.

The discovery has fetched mixed remarks from believers and skeptics. If believers are declaring it a discovery of ages, skeptics are questioning the idea of findinf the wooden ark in intact form.

It is interesting to know that people didn’t really stop seeking for answers about God’s existence and the stories it tells on the Holy Bible.People would have different opinions, might be wow or duh. But did it really hapenned? No one knows, and that is where faith sets in well which eventually you cannot somehow question.

Glee Star Lea Michele is a snob

After last week’s polarizing episode of Glee, we’re back on track! The all-encompassing themes that the show has been adopting (hello, home) had been bugging me with their overreaching, but this week’s motif of bad reputations works pretty solidly.

The episode, called ”Bad Reputation,” began with the kids huddled around a laptop watching Sue Sylvester performing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” The highlight of last night’s episode? No other than the rendition of Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. But seems like it’s not only onscreen that her character is hated by fellow gleeks,Lea has been accused of being a diva on the set of the hit US TV show.

Michele,is reportedly ‘disliked’ by the cast and crew due to her difficult behaviour when filming the show.

A source told heat magazine: “She’s a snob. She sometimes even refuses to talk to junior staff. If they ask her something, she just directs them to her assistant and walks the other way.”

The insider also told the gossip mag that Michele, who originally shot to fame on Broadway was ‘a bully’ at school, teasing a girl about her hair.

They claimed: “She called her a ‘mop head’…It started out as a nickname she would just use among her friends, but as time passed she started calling her names to her face. One time, she even made the girl cry.”

Michele, has previously stated that she is very similar to her character Rachel…we can’t imagine Miss. Berry ever calling anyone a mop head!

Batman 3 Official Release Date Announced

On the eve of the release of Iron Man 2 (opening next week), which will signal the release of a whole slew of new Marvel comic superhero films (ie. Thor, Captain America, The Avengers), Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan have announced the release date for the upcoming sequel film for DC Comics superhero Batman.

The third film in Nolan’s rebooted Batman franchise will swoop into theaters in 2012. A follow-up to 2005’s Batman Begins and 2008’s The Dark Knight has been scheduled for July 20, 2012,

Currently Nolan is in post-production on his latest non-Batman film Inception, but is also flushing out the newest Batman story with co-writer, David Goyer.

At this point there is no official title for the film nor a start date for production.

With Batman 3 now announced, 2012’s summer is looking to be every comic movie fans dream. The Avengers is set for May 4 and the Spider-Man relauch is set for July 3. Also, the Star Trek sequel will be beaming down to theaters on June 29.

Nolan wouldn’t comment on who might be the principal baddie in the next film but he has reportedly ruled out Mr Freeze, who Arnold Schwarzenegger played in Joel Schumacher’s much-maligned Batman & Robin (’97) and who was never one of the better villains anyway. Whoever it is, one thing is certain: Heath Ledger’s rip-snorting Oscar-winning performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight has gotta be the toughest super villain act to follow in cinema history. Rumours have been circulating for a while that Johnny Depp may be considering a role as The Riddler, to add yet another iconic OTW character to his collection.

Which Batman villain would you love to see on the big screen and who would you want to play them?

Tornado hits Mississippi, 10 killed

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency after a tornado,nearly a mile wide and winds up to 150miles per hour killed 10 people,including three children, and injuring dozens of others.

The tornado struck at least 13 counties, destroying scores of homes and trapping people inside, damaging businesses, blocking highways and knocking out power to thousands, said the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Barbour said that Yazoo City was in a state of utter obliteration and declared a state of emergency in 17 counties devastated by the storms and twisters, and called on the National Guard to help local officials in their emergency response.

“The effects of these storms have left many Mississippians with destroyed businesses and without homes. It reminds me of (Hurricane) Katrina,” Mr.Barbour said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that tornado watches are in effect for central and northern Alabama, northern and western Georgia, and east central Mississippi. It might hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter and may strike certain areas.

RT broadcaster Gerry Ryan dies at 53

Top Irish RT broadcaster Gerry Ryan has been found dead at his apartment at Leeson Street in Ballsbridge, Dublin, after failing to turn up for his radio show this morning.

Ryan, who was 53, presented his Gerry Ryan Show on Irish radio for more than 20 years and was one of the most recognised faces on Irish television. He also co-presented the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.

State broadcaster RTE, for whom Ryan worked, said police were investigating the circumstances of his death.

The 53-year-old was reportedly found in his bedroom by Gardai who were called after a friend could not gain access to the apartment. Gardai are investigating, though foul play is not suspected.

Mr. Ryan is survived by his wife, Morah, and five children.

Since 1988 Ryan, a Dublin pioneer of pirate radio, had hosted a morning chat-and-music show on national broadcasters RTE. He also fronted numerous RTE television talk shows and celebrity interviews and was known for his irreverent, coarse humor.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, T.D., today said he was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Mr. Ryan.

Mr. Cowen continued: “Gerry was a household name and a broadcaster of immense talent and popularity. His legion of fans will all be greatly shocked to hear this sad news. He was one of the greats of modern Irish broadcasting on radio and television. The Gerry Ryan Radio Show was compulsive listening for hundreds of thousands of people.

“As a broadcaster, Gerry Ryan was both informed and intelligent, forthright and articulate. As a man, he was generous, famously irreverent and witty. I had had the pleasure of meeting him many times, both in front of and away from the microphone. He was always engaging company and a man of considerable charm.

“He will be hugely missed by all those who had the good fortune to know him. I want to extend my sympathies to Gerry’s family and friends at this difficult time”, the Taoiseach stated.

Green Party Leader John Gormley added: “Gerry Ryan, will be greatly missed, as a broadcaster and as a familiar voice, connecting with thousands of listeners every morning.”

Fine Gael Leader Enday Kenny commented: “I would like to express my deep shock and regret at the tragic and unexpected news of the death of Gerry Ryan. I extend my condolences to his family, friends and colleagues in 2fm at this most difficult time.

“I would like to recognise the enormous contribution Gerry Ryan has made to broadcasting in Ireland and to the development of Irish society as a whole over the last 25 years. Gerry brought a great spirit to his coverage on radio and television and engendered huge loyalty in the legion of fans dedicated to him.

“Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam”, concluded Mr. Kenny.

Dancing with the Stars Elimination May 4: Goodbye, Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, right, and her partner Damian Whitewood perform on "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles on May 3, 2010

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been voted out of US television series Dancing With The Stars competition on Tuesday, leaving just five celebrities in the running for the finale.

The remaining contestants on this seasons Dancing With The Stars were split into two separate teams for the cha cha challenge. First, there was Team Gaga. Team Gaga consisted of Pamela Anderson, Micole Scherzinger and NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Team Gaga was able to bring home the championship, after they performed a choreographed number to the popular Lady Gaga hit, “Telephone.” The song also features Beyonce Knowles.

The second team, Team Madonna, consisted of Evan Lysacek, Niecy Nash and Erin Andrews. They were also able to score well in the challenge, but fell just short of the title with their choreographed number to “Holiday.” In the final minutes of their number, the ladies in the group ripped off their skirts and danced in their underwear. While the display might have been original and caught a lot of attention from the media, it was not enough to bring home the victory in the competition.

The buxom beauty waltzed right out of the competition when judges and voters decided it was time for her to take a final bow. The judges did, however, praise Anderson for her dedication and commitment to the task throughout the season, and gave her performance a 24 out of 30 on Monday night. It wasn’t enough to save her though, when the viewers’ votes combined with the judges’ scores sealed her fate.

Anderson called her participation on the show “one of the best experiences of my life”.

Anderson’s partner Damian Whitewood had this to say to her, “You’ve been an amazing person to work with and so dedicated to learning how to dance.” Anderson reciprocated by thanking Whitewood, and wished the other dancers well. “I love everybody here,” she said.

Anderson, along with eliminated contestants astronaut Buzz Aldrin and TV reality mother of eight Kate Gosselin, has helped the 10th season of “Dancing With the Stars” to its biggest audiences ever.

The remaining five celebrities are Pussycat Dolls singer and favorite Nicole Scherzinger, Olympic ice skater Evan Lysacek, Andrews, actress and “Clean House” host Niecy Nash and footballer Chad Ochocinco.

The finale will be broadcast in mid-May.

Talladega Superspeedway race postponed due to Tornado Alert

A major outbreak of tornadoes is unfolding across the Deep South, and the Talladega Superspeedway lies in the danger zone. The adverse weather has forced NASCAR officials to postpone today’s activities.

Today the National Weather Service warns that severe weather — including tornadoes, drenching showers and thunderstorms,damaging wind, large hail and localized flooding — is possible today and tonight in Alabama.

To avoid any foreseen accidents and circumstances on the lives of the racers and fans in danger,the Aaron’s 312 NASCAR Nationwide Series race that was scheduled for today has been moved to Sunday. Race will follow the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup Series race, set to start at noon CDT.

Sadly, eventhough the the races has been postponed, many fans have been camping in the vicinity of the raceway and might put their lives at risk this evening and could cause severe damage or even  death.

Flooding, power outages, downed trees and other property damage from winds are possible.Residents across the region should monitor local media and NOAA’s All Hazards Weather Radio for the latest on this potentially deadly weather situation.

John Travolta’s dogs killed in airport accident

Two dogs belonging to stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston were run over and killed on the runway of Bangor International Airport in Maine after the family’s private jet landed there last Thursday.

“The airport takes safety very seriously,” airport director Rebecca Hupp told the BDN, adding the facility generally does not name its visitors for the sake of privacy. “Many flights come and go without incidents. Clearly, this is an unfortunate accident. Our deepest sympathies are with the family.”

According to the News, the accident occurred shortly after the plane landed at Bangor International Airport. Someone who was not a family member took the two small dogs for a walk, when an airport service vehicle struck and killed them.

The airport’s interim manager Bob Farrar and airport director Rebecca Hupp released the following statement concerning the incident.

“At approximately 1am on Thursday, May 13, 2010 an airplane carrying members of the John Travolta family landed at BIA. While there, two small dogs were taken for a walk by someone who is not a family member. An airport service pickup truck was approaching the airplane to service the airplane and did not see the dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were struck and killed.”

This is another tragic incident for the “Old Dogs” star since they lost their beloved son Jett after a fatal seizure last year.

Miss USA Rima Fakih Pole Dancing Photos

She’s only been queen for a day but the new Miss USA is already feeling the heat from the media spotlight.
The day after she won Donald Trump’s annual beauty pageant, TMZ posted photos of Rima competing in a pole-dancing contest put on by a Detroit radio station.

The new Miss USA was also photographed with her bra stuffed full of dollar bills, although the then 22-year-old beauty didn’t remove all of her clothes – she simply danced provocatively with short shorts and a tank top.

Rima Fakih, who is from Michigan participated in the 2007 show called “Mojo in the Morning” radio show which was held in Detroit. Fakih participated in the event and was adjudged the winner of the show’s “Stripper 101? contest. She participated in the show along with other 94 girls who were taught how to dance on stage by strippers at a club.

Would these be enough to have her crown stripped off?Let’s wait what Donald Trump would say, oh well.

Robin Hood fails to reach box office target;Iron Man 2 still leading

Robin Hood, Ridley Scott’s expensive prequel failed to reach box office target as number one in America, landing behind the box office frontrunner, Iron Man 2.

Universal chiefs won’t be thrilled with the second place $37.1m opening for Ridley Scott’s pseudo-historical yarn starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. It fared far better overseas, where $74m from 56 countries has already boosted the global tally past $100m within the first five days.

It is estimated Robin Hood cost at least $155m (£107.6m) to make.

“Iron Man 2,” a Marvel Entertainment film released by Paramount Pictures that has become the first huge hit of the summer movie season, was No. 1 with about $53 million in its second weekend for a new domestic total of $212.2 million, according to, which compiles box-office statistics. This picture, starring Robert Downey Jr. as the quirky industrialist Tony Stark, has sold $457 million in global ticket sales.

The full top 10 after the jump:

North American top 10, 14-16 May
1. Iron Man 2, $53m. Total: $212.2m
2. Robin Hood, $37.1m
3. Letters to Juliet, $13.8m
4. Just Wright, $8.5m
5. How to Train Your Dragon, $5.1m. Total: $207.8m
6. A Nightmare On Elm Street, $4.7m. Total: $56.1m
7. Date Night, $4m. Total: $86.7m
8. The Back-Up Plan, $2.5m. Total: $32.2m
9. Furry Vengeance, $2.3m. Total: $15.1m
10. Clash of the Titans, $1.3m. Total: $160.2m