Buzz on Pringles Recall – Potential Threat in Health

There is another recall alert spreading on the news today as the FDA advised Proctor & Gamble to recall their latest Pringles being manufactured and distributed to stores.  There is a potential threat to the consumer’s health and the threat may be a big issue.

Salmonella was found in one of the machines that manufacture Pringles and this obviously would get transferred to the packed food as well.  There are many precautionary measures in manufacturing items.  Manufacturers must take note of these mistakes experienced by the big companies such as Toyota and Pringles as Recalls of their product would cause a lot of money, a definite downward plunge in the sales and a broken trust from the consumers.

It is very important that companies nowadays would take every measure and do whatever it takes to ensure their quality controls are being followed.  Stay updated to more news on this issue by subscribing to us.

Arnel Pineda to Sing the National Anthem in the Pacquiao-Clottey Fight

Manny Pacquiao has asked Arnel Pineda three times before to sing the Philippine National Anthem on his fights.  Arnel has rejected the invitations since he had busy schedules and tours at times.  This time though, Manny never tired of asking Arnel to sing again for him in his awaited match with the grand master Clottey this March 13 in the United States and March 14 in Manila.

The Pacquiao – Clotty fight will be held at Texas Dallas on the famous Cowboys stadium.  Movie houses and restaurants are already offering tickets for seats to watch yet another Manny Pacquiao fight.  As they also say, crime rate is zero percent on the day of Pacquiaos fights.  Arnel Pineda will surely be make us proud and the people can’t wait to hear him sing for the Philippines.

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Updated News on Earthquake in Turkey

The earth is literally shaking as much as the rest of the people in the world are shaken by earthquakes here and then.  Today, another strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6 hit Turkey.  As of this moment, it is reported that 41 people are dead and we know that many else are missing.

Kovancilar, Turkey is one of the most affected villages in the country.  Most structures and homes in the village are made of bricks of mud.  Around a hundred plus are injured and the count goes high as the people are just trying to get up to figure out what to do next with their disgruntled homes.

This is intial news and we have more updates as the rest of the world awakes and realizes that another calamity is at rise.  Stay updated with news on Turkey Earthquake by subscribing to World Correspondents.

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Full Review of the Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars 2010

Every time the Academy Awards hosts the Oscars, the stars literally become stars as they glitter the red carpet.  In the Oscars, not only do you witness winners to the Oscars, you also award  Best and Worst dressed to the lovely wardrobes among the stars who look good on the red carpet.

Who are your favorites?  Who are your picks?  Who shined the most during that night?  Click here to read a full review of the best and worst dressed at the Oscars 2010.

Kathryn Bigelow One of the Worst Dressed of the Oscars 2010

Kathryn Bigelow has graced the stage and accepted awards for ‘The Hurt Locker’.  She was the biggest winner during the entire night and the spotlight was on her. Many congratulated her and applauded the triumph of the Hurt Locker.  True enough, the spotlight is also on her as she walked the 82nd Academy Awards as one of the worst dressed celebrities for the Oscars in 2010.

Kathryn Bigelow looked very uncomfortable in the gray-silver long taupe gown.  While she is awarded as the first women to ever win an Oscar for Best Director, she also won another award – worst dressed.  I guess she herself was not expecting to be on stage that often that night?  Well then, this is truly a very accomplished and inspiring day for her.  I bet she will be making a lot more movies.

Updated Complete List of Winners of the 82nd Academy Awards 2010 Oscars

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are very witty hosts of the 82nd Oscars 2010.  We will be listing down the results as it happens.  Watch ABC now if you want to watch the Oscars live.  If you don’t have TV or if you can’t find ways to watch the Oscars 2010 online, just keep on refreshing this page to view the results and the winners here live.  Here are the List of the Winners for the Oscars 2010:

Penelope Cruz announced the Best Supporting Actor to Cristoph Waltz  (Inglorious Bastards).

Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell presented the Best Animated Featured Film to UP.

Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus presented the Best Original Song to Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett.

Robert Downey Junior and Tina Fey announced the Best Original Screenplay to Mark Boal for The Hurtlocker.

— Oscars paid tribute to John Hughes

Best Animated Short Film was awarded Logorama by Nicolas Schmerkin.

— Ben Stiller came out in a very gnarly Avatar costume to present the award for “Best Makeup”  Watch out for pictures of Ben Stiller in Avatar Costume to be uploaded soon.

Best Makeup was awarded to Star Trek – Mindy Haul, Joel Harlow and Barney Burman.

Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Geoffrey Fletcher – Precious

Best Actress in Supporting role goes to Monique.

Rick Carter, Robert Strombert, Kim Sinclair of Avatar won the Best Outstanding Art Direction.

Best Costume Design was presented by Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker to The Young Victoria by Sandy Powell.  She also won for The Aviator before.

— Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did a horror skit.

— Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart went to the stage and presented tribute to horror films.

Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick presented the Best Sound Editing to Paul N.J. Ottosson for the Hurt Locker.

Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron awarded Best Sound Mixing is won by Hurt Locker (Ray Becket and Paul N.J. Ottosson).

Mauro Fiore for Avatar won the Best Cinematography.

Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington on stage to present Best Original Score to Michael Giacchino for the movie Up.

Outstanding Visual Effects goes to Avatar. Joe Letteri, Stephen rossenbaum, Andrew jones, and Richarck Banahem.

Matt Damon announced the Best Documentary Feature that goes to The Cove.

Best Film Editing was won by The Hurt Locker

El Secreto de Sus Ojos won the Best Foreign Language Movie.

Jeff Bridges won Best Actor in Leading role.  The award was announced by Kate Winslet looking very classy and posh in her attire tonight.

Sean Penn announced the Best Actress in a Leading role to Sandra Bullock for the movie The Blind Side

Best Director went to Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker.

The Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the year 2010 goes to The Hurt Locker!

The list ends here and the Oscars 2010 is over.  Click here to read the highlights of the event.

Avatar vs The Hurt Locker Fans Discuss the Oscars 2010 Results

Technically, I would not really say “Fans” of Avatar and The Hurt Locker voted against each other.  Some of the people who commented here on our live blog shared their insights on the Oscars 2010.  If I were to tally the votes from the people who commented at World Correspondents I would say that the votes go half and half.

To the more unbiased people shared very deep insights about the results of the Oscars 2010.  Some movie critics think that The Hurt Locker indeed was a very good film but, the question that they ask is “How can The Hurt Locker be a greater achievement than the big movie Avatar that created a whole new buzz, a whole new world to our imagination?

Another movie reviewer said that The Hurt Locker and Avatar were very good films which are very hard to compare.  He thought that The Hurt Locker was more in-tune with the current world climate.  Hurt Locker is the real world, the one happening to our very own like the wars in Iraq.  Avatar, is just a fantasy world called Pandura.  Kathryn Bigelow really put something out there with great substance.

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Complete List of Oscars 2010 Winners and Highlights

The most awaited Academy Awards or Oscar for 2010 just completely announced the last and final award – the Best Motion Picture of the year 2010 that was awarded to “The Hurt Locker” directed by Kathryn Bigelow who also won Best Director for the year.  It is an amazing twist as people expected Avatar to win Best Motion picture.  It is true enough that Avatar made millions of sales from the movie and it is really more popular over The Hurt Locker.  But, for the Academy Awards, The Hurt Locker won the overall best picture of the year.

There is also some highlighted buzz about James Cameron going against ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow but all this is technically irrelevant for the Academy Awards.  Those were the main highlights of the night.  To add,  Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress over Meryl Streep for “The Blind Side.”  The Best Actor in Leading role went to Jeff Bridges over George Clooney, Morgan Freeman and Colin Firth.

It was a very exciting night indeed.  What do you think of the results Oscars this year?

For a complete list of the Oscars 2010 Winners click here.

ABC Channel Announces Oscars 2010 Date and Time

It’s another big year for the Oscars and ABC channel will once again air it live this Sunday, March 8 2010 at 8:30 pm EST.  The Academy Awards is on its eighty second year and it will be really big.  Alec Baldwin will be hosting the Oscars for the first time.  Steve Martin will host with him on his side.  This year’s Oscars is happening in Kokak Theater in Los Angeles.

If you do not have any cable TV at home or any means to watch it on TV live then you can search for ways online.  There will be live streaming of the Oscars on some online channels.  Also, if you will miss viewing it live, you can still watch highlights of the event which the fans and other people will post on youtube.  Who will be the big winners tonight?  Let’s all watch and find out.

What to Expect on the 2010 Big Ten Wrestling Tournament

The brackets for the Big Ten Wrestling Tournament were just released and announced yesterday.  Today, wrestling fans are waiting in anticipation for the big match.  Ben Berhow, Mario Mason and Kaleb Young are expected to fight for their way to earn spot in the quarterfinals.

The schedule of the tournament are as follows.  Open doors are at 10 am on Saturday, 6th of March 2010.  The quarterfinals for the first round starts at 11 am.  In the afternoon, doors shall be opened at 4:30 pm followed by the wrestleback semifinals at 6pm.  For Sunday, tournament will start at 11am and the championship game will be at around 2pm.