Elinor Burkett cloned the Kanye West move on stage during the Oscars

Elinor Burkett cloned the Kanye West moves on stage during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. People are talking about it and a lot who missed it wants to watch how Elinor Burkett did the famous Kanye West interruption method during the 2010 Oscars.

If you’re one of the unfortunate billions who haven’t witness the live telecast of the 2010 Oscar Awards and missed a lot of unforgettable scenes during the awards night, fear not! We are now living in the computer age and everyone seems to have a copy of anything that already happened.

Recorded videos and pictures are stored in the digital memory banks for us to treasure it “virtually” forever.

So if you’ve missed the Kanye West moment of Elinor Burkett, check this video out from MTV.com

Photo Credit: Daily World Buzz

Texas Election Results 2010: Rick Perry and Bill White on the lead

The much anticipated Texas Election Results 2010 has been released and was published online. Bill White is leading in the Democratic Texas Election Primary Results 2010, while Rick Perry is on the lead in the Republican Texas Election Primary Results 2010.

As we all know, Texas Primary Election 2010 involves Lieutenant Governor, Governor, State and Congressional House, State Senate, State Board of Education, County Commission, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

More news and updates about the Texas Election Results 2010 will be posted soon.

For the meanwhile, here’s the official tally of the Texas Election 2010 results:

Republican Texas Election Primary Results 2010 with 2% of votes counted:
» Rick Perry 240,326 – 53 %
» Kay Bailey Hutchison 136,510 – 30 %
» Debra Medina 73,829 – 16 %

Democratic Texas Election Primary Results 2010 with 2% of votes counted:
» Bill White 170,120 – 76 %
» Farouk Shami 27,903 – 12 %
» Felix Alvarado 11,262 – 5 %
» Alma Aguado 6,935 – 3 %
» Clement Glenn 3,472 – 2 %
» Bill Dear 3,390 – 2 %
» Star Locke 2,217 – 1 %

NFL Combine Results 2010: Eric Berry Impresses in 40 Times

In the recent NFL Combine Results news this 2010, Eric Berry told media confidently that he is the best and ranked first overall in the entire draft. He really looked fast and fluid running his 40-yard dash with a worth-of-praise official time of 4.47. Now that’s fast!

All the defensive backs are running their 40-yard dashes at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and two of the highest rated players, Florida’s Joe Haden and Tenessee’s Eric Berry, each had an up and a down in their runs.

Berry showed that he has good upper body strength too, managing 19 reps in the bench press and showed smooth hips when changing direction in the field drills.

Standing at an impressive size of 5’11 1/2″ and 211 pounds, Berry has been compared to Ravens All-Pro safety Ed Reed. He also told the media during his interviews that he would rather make a play intercepting a pass rather than making the huge hit.

Haden on the other hand, who is the top cornerback, ran a very disappointing 40-yard dash time with an official 4.57.

Yes, I know. 4.57 is fast indeed. But even though a 4.57 is still considered pretty fast, a cornerback needs to run as close to 4.4 as possible.

And why? Because they need speed at their position to be able to run with wide receivers and recovery speed in the secondary is important as well.

Haden disappointed in his vertical leaping ability, while Berry is proving that he is indeed worthy to be included in the top 10.

8001050F: The error code that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad

8001050F is indeed the most famous error code in the history of all PS3 error codes. We already wrote about how Sony reacted in this phenomena and how to fix the PS3 error code 8001050F. The truth is, until now this error wasn’t fixed by Sony yet.

There’s a manual but risky way to resolve this Playstation Network downtime error. But only a few brave souls attempted to fix their own console.

It has been more than 24 hours since Sony promised to fix 8001050F. Sony disappointed a lot of users world wide. As a matter of fact, people wants to sue Sony, as what one of the commenters said in this article.

“We are now in the state of paranoia”, said Mark Gilmer, a certified Playstation 3 addict.

One of our commenters also said that the problem is not with the PSN, but with the PS3’s software.

Others said that it will be fixed after March 1, 2010, because the Playstation’s brain is too dumb and thought that 2010 is a leap year and today is February 29, 2010, which is so wrong.

Once again, let’s all wait for the official announcement from the Playstation blog about how to fix this error.

I bet there’s another firmware upgrade that will resolve this and the Sony Playstation engineers are working overtime to find a way to fix this software bug that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad.

Air strike kills 27 Afghanistan civilians

In southern Afghanistan, 27 civilians died because of an air strike. It hit a suspected insurgent convoy and killed a number of individuals including women and children. Some were just injured in the said incident.

The attack was not part of a major Nato-led push in neighbouring Helmand province. Civilian deaths in strikes have caused widespread resentment in Afghanistan.

A statement from Nato said it was thought the convoy contained Taliban insurgents on their way to attack Afghan and foreign military forces.

The Afghan government condemned the air strike, calling it “unjustifiable” and “a major obstacle” to effective counter-terrorism efforts.

In a revised statement, putting the death toll at 27, the Afghan cabinet said four women and one child were among those killed.

The statement also called on Nato “to closely co-ordinate and exercise maximum care before conducting any military operation so that any possible mistakes that may result in harming civilians… can be avoided”.

Nato should be very careful next time before this incident will happen again. Justice should be given to the innocent individuals of Afganistan.

Four Politicians from United Kingdom faced charges

In the recent news from BBC, MPs Elliot Morley, Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Lord Hanningfield will be charged under the Theft Act. Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said that 3 Labour MPs and one Tory peer will face criminal charges over their expenses.

All of them have said they denied any charges and would defend their positions robustly. Revelations about MPs’ expenses emerged in May last year with the police going on to investigate a handful of cases.

Mr Starmer said there was “insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction” in the case of Labour peer Lord Clarke but said a sixth case remains under police investigation.

Former minister Elliot Morley, MP for Scunthorpe, will face two charges in relation to a total of £30,000 of mortgage interest claims on a property in Winterton, Lincolnshire between 2004 and 2007.

Paul White – the Conservative peer Lord Hanningfield – is accused of “dishonestly” submitting claims “for expenses to which he knew he was not entitled” – including overnight stays in London.

He denies the charges and says he will defend himself against them adding: “All the claims I have ever made were made in good faith. I have never claimed more in expenses than I have spent in the course of my duties.”

More news about these will be posted on our next update. So stay tuned!

Ian Kramer Smith-Christmas found dead inside his car

Ian Smith Christmas was reported missing last Saturday and nobody knows his whereabouts. Just today, the reported missing boy was found dead inside his car.

21 year old student of William and Mary and has graduated salutatorian of his class in Stafford County’s Brooke Point High School who was missing is now dead. Nobody knows what’s the reason behind this incident.

Ian Kramer Smith-Christmas, the missing William & Mary student was found dead in a hotel parking lot inside of his car at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front. He was deceased. This report was confirmed by the Virginia Beach police department.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir made history in Vancouver Olympics

The pair from Ontario took gold ahead of Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the United States as world champions Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin of Russia took bronze after the free dance final at the Pacific Coliseum. This is really a great news to everyone, specially to their fans and to the people of Canada

Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir danced their way into history on Monday when they became the first North American couple as well as the youngest ever Olympic figure skating ice dancing champions.

The only previous ice dancing medal won by Canada was when Tracy Wilson and Robert McCall too bronze in Calgary 22 years ago.

Competing in their first Olympics, Virtue, 20, and Scott, 22, had the home crowd on their feet after their flawless free skate to Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5.

They finished 5.83 points ahead of their training partners White and Davis, who were also making their Games debut, and skated to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

“We’ve dreamed about this for so long,” said Virtue, who had feared her career was over two years ago after surgery on her shins. “It’s been quite a journey – a bit rocky.

“There were times when we didn’t think we would get back on track and skating again, but this makes the victory even sweeter.”

The couple had taken the lead after Sunday’s original dance and seemed to make time stand still with their free skate, scoring 110.42 points to give them an overall 221.57.

Davis, 23, and White, 22, showed incredible speed on the ice but got a one-point deduction for exceeding the time limit on one of their lifts.

They scored 107.19 and 215.74 overall.