Sandra Bullock Acceptance Speech video during the 2010 Oscars

Sandra Bullock Acceptance Speech Video during the 2010 Oscars was truly inspiring and one of the best speeches in the history of the Academy Awards.

People, specially fans of Sandra Bullock gave her a round of applause after giving her acceptance speech as the Best Actress in the recently concluded 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Sandra Bullock bested her co-nominees for the Actress in Leading Role category. Her co-nominees are Helen Mirren of “The Last Station”, Carey Mulligan of “An Education” Gabourey Sidibe of “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” and the legendary Meryl Streep of “Julie & Julia”.

Winning in her category the famous and well-respected actresses is truly priceless.

This year’s Oscars is truly remarkable and amazing. Everyone will never forget the nominees and the winners. The directors, actors, and actresses will surely treasure this unforgettable moment in their lives.

Check out the video below of Sandra Bullock accepting her Best Actress award during the 82 Annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscar Awards 2010.

Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup: Louis Van Amstel and Niecy Nash

As we all know, Dancing with the Stars 2010 has already announced its lineup of dancers this season. A lot of surprises has been anticipated from the contestants. As early as this time, a lot people are keeping track of what is going to happen.

Before the competition begins, knowing a slight background of the contestants can bring great help on what to expect from them as the competition progresses.

One of them is the tandem of the American comedienne Niecy Nash and the ballroom dance champion Louis Van Amstel. With Niecy Nash around, this pair would be of so much fun.

Carol Denise Ensley a.k.a. Niecy Nash is best known for her role as Deputy Raineesha Williams on the Comedy Central television series Reno 911. She also appeared as Rhonda in the short-lived Fox sitcom Do Not Disturb. She is also the host of home makeover and interior design television show “Clean House” on My Style network.

The comedienne is being paired up with no other than the ballroom dancing champion Louis Van Amstel. He is 7-time Dutch and 3-time world champion in the world of ballroom dancing.

He was partnered with Trista Sutter in the first season of the series but unfortunately, they were the first pair who were eliminated.

He competed again in the 5th season and this he was with Priscilla Presly. Once again, they were eliminated. He returned in the 9th season with Kelly Osbourne and won 3rd. This has been his first trip to the finals. Now he’s pairing up with Niecy Nash.

Will they make it to the finals this time and continue the previous success or the other way around? Be updated and stay tuned.

Kate Gosselin is indeed in Dancing with the Stars 2010 Lineup

Many can’t believe the fact that Kate Gosselin is indeed a contestant in this year’s Dancing with the Stars. A lot of this Australian TV series fans thought that this was a joke. Including Kate Gosselin in Dancing with the Stars 2010 is not a joke. She’s really part of the show and her partner is Tony Dovolani, an Albanian American professional ballroom dancer.

So why people hate Kate Gosselin? Honestly I really don’t know why. I only know that Kate Gosselin is known for the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which profiles her and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin as they raise their family of sextuplets and twins.

Hmm? I think there’s a more deep reason why Kate Gosselin is hated by many.

If you hate Kate Gosselin and you think she doesn’t deserve to be in the list of contestants in Dancing with the Stars 2010, please share you thoughts below.

Maybe you’re one of the haters and you can help us decipher this gigantic labyrinth about Kate Gosselin

UK Election Results 2010: Hung Parliament Expected

It was one of the most unpredictable and exciting general election in the United Kingdom. So far 601 out of 650 seats were already declared as of the moment and it all looks that UK Election Results is pointing towards a Hung Parliament with Tories as the largest party. Such surprising incidents during the elections were the following:

  • Labour is categorically defeated by the Conservatives.
  • Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP and first minister of Northern Ireland, lost his Westminster seat.
  • David Cameron has almost certainly failed to secure a majority, although his party came first in the popular vote and in the number of seats.
  • The promised Liberal Democrat surge failed to materialise.
  • Several high profile scalps were claimed. Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP and first minister of Northern Ireland, lost his Westminster seat.
  • For the Liberal Democrats, high-profile personality Lembit Opik and Dr Evan Harris, the party’s outspoken science spokesman, both lost their seats.
  • A small party lik Greens had their first ever MP elected, in the form of Caroline Lucas, party leader, in Brighton Pavilion.
  • Education secretary Ed Balls hung on in Morley and Outwood by just over 100 votes but former Home Secretary Charles Clarke narrowly lost to the Lib Dem candidate in Norwich South

With most results in, the Lib Dem vote is up 0.9% on 2005, Labour down 6.5% and the Conservatives up 4%. Turnout is running at 65.2%, a modest increase on the 2005 general election. The current tally?

Conservative: 291

Labour: 247

Liberal Democrat: 51

Meet the World’s Smallest Horse Einstein

Really, I was shocked when I first saw Einstein. At first I thought it was a puppy, but I’m wrong. It was really a horse! A very small horse. Just measuring 35cm in height, Einstein the pinto stallion was born last Friday weighing just 2.7 kilograms.

Judy Smith, the proud breeder of Einsten at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, in Barnstead, New Hampshire said that when he was born, they thought he was dead.

Einstein if proved to be the smallest horse in the world will break the previous recordholder Thumbelina who measured just 43cm in height.

As Judy Smith said in videos featuring Einsten the smallest horse in the world, she said the following quotable quotes:

“I have been at this for 20 years plus but I have never seen one this tiny or even close to it.

“At first he didn’t move very much. We started rubbing him with a towel and he started to move around. He was so small!”

3-Inch Floppy Disks Finally Discontinued

Better keep those 3.5 inch floppy disks as souvenirs, as Sony has officially discontinued the production of the said floppy disks in Japan. It’s another end of an era as the floppy disks can now be said to be extinct by next year.
Sony stopped the US production of floppy disks long ago and most markets have already pulled out the presence of floppy disks in their inventories. It’s still pretty amazing to know however that Sony was able to sell around 12 million floppy disks during the last fiscal year.
It’s time to move forward as Sony recounts. Looking back at history, Sony introduced the 3.5-inch floppy disk medium back in 1981. Since the late 90s and early millenium, the floppy disks have already become obsolete with the arrival of memory cards, rewritable CDs and DVDs on the market that have whopping memory space compared to about 1.44MB per floppy disk.
So long floppy disks!

Pampers Recall Adds Another Procter and Gamble Mishap

After the shares of Procter and Gamble fell sharply last Thursday afternoon at the New York Stock Exchange Market, it now faces another problem in one of its brands. Leading diaper brand Pampers had a recall with its Dry Max technology, saying that a chemical within the diapers caused chemical burns and rashes to babies.

Procter and Gamble however claimed that there’s no single evidence in proving that even a single baby had a diaper rash in using their premium branded diaper line. Pediatric dermatologists have confirmed the company’s stance that the diapers do not pose any more risk of rash than the previous version. Procter and Gamble also said that if there’s something wrong, they would announce a recall immediately.

For now, there is no diaper recall from P&G, but parents who are concerned about the safety or have a complaint about the product are urged to call the US Consumer Product Safety Commission hotline at 1-800-638-2772.

Texas Teacher Fired After Beating Student Video Leaked Online

In Houston Texas, a teacher just got fired after a video release was set on the internet that showed how her student got beaten at school by her own hands. The student was named Isiah Johnson and the violent and abusive teacher was named Sherry Davis.

The whole ordeal started when Isiah made fun of a special child. Suprisingly, the teacher snapped and beat him up as a consequence. Another student apparently caught the video from his mobile phone and made the video viral on the internet. The teacher got fired after witnessing the video.

Sherri Davis (also being spelled Sheri Davis and Sherry Davis) is a Science teacher at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston Texas. Janiqua Johnson, the student who shot the video, Davis snapped and “just started beating him up. His behavior may have been bad but he didn’t deserve that.”

Through such incident, many parents are already putting measures in protecting their children in school. It’s really alarming that teachers who are considered to be the 2nd parents of the children have the propensity to do such domestic violence.

Rome Airport Closed Rumors after Iceland Volcano Eruption But Really Open

Apart from the suspension of flights overseas all over Europe, some airports have also closed their doors for the maintime while most areas affected by the massive ashfall from the recently-erupted Iceland Volcano. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino or Airporti Roma as most Italian locals called the said airport, is one of the numerous airports that have decided to suspend their airport activities while the world is waiting for the natural disaster to finish. Last year, it was ranked as 27th among many airports to be the busiest asiport by passenger of traffic.

More or less people can assume that the Rome Airport is closed because even if it is open, it is not operating any scheduled flights for the meantime in parallel to the other more than twenty airports in Europe that have temporarily suspended operations after the Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajokull Eruption that has been on an ashfall streak that threatens most air passengers because of the ash’s propensity to make airlines stall in flight.

Update: Rome airport is open and operating, while airports like Barcelona are closed.

Blackberry Bold 9650 Price, Release Date, and Review

Blackberry Bold 9650 Price, Release Date, and Review. Smartphone users should already anticipate Research in Motion’s launch of a new Blackberry unit. The images of  the Blackberry unti spilled on the internet late last year. The unit is the Blackberry 9650 and by looks it seems to be an upgrade to the Blackberry Tour 9630. It will be sporting RIM’s optical trackpad, Wifi and an upgraded processor.

A recent invetory leaked said that Sprint will begindistributing the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 on May 16, and it will sell for $199.99, after $100 mail-in rebate, with a new two-year service agreement.

Off-contract price for the Sprint Bold 9650 will likely be $449.99.  For Verizon the pricing details for the Verizon Bold 9650 are still to be disclosed at this point, but assumed to be at par with Sprint’s offer.

With Research In Motion’s pending WES 2010 event, tech enthusiasts are expecting that the new Blackberry Bold unit will be officially released during the 3-day event in Orlando Florida from April 27 until the 29th.

Here are some leaked specifications of the new Blackberry 9650:

  • 1xEVDO/3G
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera
  • GSM Quad Band 850/9001800/1900 mHz
  • GSM Dual Band 900/1800 Mhz
  • 2.4″ TFT LCD Display, 480×360 65k color support
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory: (yet to be disclosed)

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