Asian Unicorn Captured After 10 Years

The name of this rare animal is Soala. It is popularly known as Asian Unicorn. A sighting of this very rare animal has been made and animal experts claimed that it is the first after 10 long years. It was captured by villagers in Laos in August, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

After captivity, the Soala was brought by the villagers back to their village in Bolikhamxay province but sad to say, the animal died before the rescue arrived. “The death of this saola is unfortunate,” the Provincial Conservation Unit of Bolikhamxay province said in the IUCN statement. “But at least it confirms an area where it still occurs and the government will immediately move to strengthen conservation efforts there.” as what has been posted in CNN.

This animal is considered critically endangered and experts are saying that its number is fewer than a few hundred. this animals has been sighted in the Annamite Mountains of Laos and Vietnam but none has been captured yet. Few information has been gathered about this animal that’s why scientist saved the carcass of the recently captured one for further studies.

The animal resembles an African antelope and has two thorns. It has been believed to be the mythical Chinese unicorn but no evidences are found yet if his particular animal really existed in China before.

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