Armed group of Christian Conservatives to protect church during burning of Quran

This Press Release entitled “Armed Christian Conservative group to protect church during burning of Quran” was shared to us by Prince Shannon Carson of Right Wing Extreme.

The Christian conservative organization Right Wing Extreme has offered its support and protection for the International Burn a Quran day.

Right Wing Extreme was founded in April of 2009 after the Department of Homeland Security’s report titled Right Wing Extremism.

The report labeled those who are against Illegal Immigration, abortion, higher taxation, returning military veterans, big government, and Christian groups as Right Wing Extremist and put them on a watch list.

The report was sent out to all law enforcement agencies in April 2009 and the group has been recruiting members ever since.

“We fully support Dove World Outreach Center and its efforts to put an end to the notion that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is a violent cult with the goal of world domination.” Says Right Wing Extreme founder Shannon Carson.

Right Wing Extreme has repeatedly said that Obama is a Muslim who is intentionally destroying America’s economy, constitution, and has a socialist agenda aimed at bringing about a New World Order.

The group’s website has a “Defcon” meter that is currently at defcon 3 which says Defcon 3 constitutes a moderate state of alert. Disruptions to peace and prosperity are evident.

Clear and present threats are apparent and public. Moral and ethical code are under moderate attack.

In a state of Defcon 3, the United States Constitution is partially intact and is under moderate forms of public attack from special interest groups, global powers or influences, or other threats.

13 thoughts on “Armed group of Christian Conservatives to protect church during burning of Quran

  1. The Book of Signs is a sub rosa extremist Muslim group. It is a shady subsidiary of Al Furqaan Foundation and was the employer of terrorist suspect Shaker Masri – indicted in the US District Court – Northern Illinois district in early August.

    Don’t contribute or support their efforts.

  2. What a joke. Do those right wing Christian extremists care about Muslim Americans’ safety and well-being? What do they have to say about an attempted mosque bombing (committed by a WHITE CHRISTIAN MAN) in St. Petersburg, FL a few months ago?

  3. Prof. F. N. Lee’s “ISLAM IN THE BIBLE”

    Eminent Australian theologian and church historian known worldwide as Professor Francis Nigel Lee (who has eleven earned doctorates!) has found claims in the Koran that may have escaped the attention of many Muslims including those in the White House.
    It’s amazing how often in history someone notices an unclear passage in the Bible, sees possibilities in it as a wellhead, isolates it and then backstabbingly uses it against the Bible’s intent while developing an anti-Biblical cult or false religion!
    Dr. Lee quotes the Koran which claims that when Jesus promised that after His departure He would send the Holy Spirit to be personally with His followers as the “Comforter” (John 14:16, John 15:26, etc.), Jesus was actually promising He would send them Mohammed! (Aside from the blasphemy, has history shown Mohammed and his fanatical followers to be “Comforters” of human beings?)
    Another quote from the Koran that Dr. Lee reveals is that the disciples of Jesus viewed themselves as “Muslims” – centuries before Mohammed was born!
    To read Dr. F. N. Lee’s scholarly and informative article, type in the “Islam in the Bible” pdf article associated with him. Interestingly, leading Christian scholars for many centuries have viewed the 9th chapter of Revelation (with its references to a violent army of 200 million who torture mankind in earth’s final days, the centering on “the great river Euphrates,” and the connection to demons loosed from “the bottomless pit” who inhabit this army) as a scary portrait of Islam murdering, in a short period, one-third of earth’s population, as is explicitly stated there!
    Readers may also wish to Google “Imam Bloomberg’s Sharia Mosque” and “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” since these two items have been in the news lately.

  4. Extremism is the problem here whether it is Christian, Islam, left or right . Right wing extremist christian groups/individuals are out of touch with the fundamental beliefs and teachings of their religion. Hatefulness and intolerance is unchristian and goes against the teachings of the bible. I think the problem with many Americans is that they are extremely insular and have very little knowledge of the world and indeed their own country outside of their tight nit communities.

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