Aquino and Binay:Proclaimed as 15th President and Vice President of the Philippines

Today has become a very historic day in the Philippines as its Congress and Senate had a joint session to proclaim their 15th President and Vice President. Approximately, it took 30 days after the May election and officially, Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III got the most number of votes for President and Jejomar ‘Jojo” Binay for Vice President respectively.

The Proclamation Day has happened in country’s Congress and the winning candidates were joined by their immediate family and friends. The event was televised live by the country’s major TV networks thus suspending on going TV programs to give way for the historic event.

Aquino got 15, 208, 678 which is nearly 42 per cent of the total number cast, well ahead of Joseph Estrada, his closest rival and a former president, who garnered nearly 9.5 million votes. In the other hand, Jejomar Cabanatuan Binay obtained the highest number of votes for Vice-President with 14,645,574 votes.

Filipinos are hoping for the best as these two personalities lead the country amidst the river of problems it faces right now.

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