April Fools Pranks Online: Topeka Kansas is Google April Fools Joke Online

Are you searching for April Fools pranks online? Well, you don’t have to search too deep in the internet as the search engine king Google themselves hit big as they changed their name from Google to Topeka in celebration of today’s April Fools Day 2010.

If you are one of the those who believed that Google is really changing its name to Topeka, then you are fooled. LOL. While ‘googling’ is synanymous to the word “Topekaing” at this time, it will not be a permanent thing.

Apparently, Google is just returning the favor to a town in Kansas named Topeka. Topeka is the capital city of Kansas and in its latest bid to acquire Google’s nod as the test site center for Google’s introductory broadband network service, the Mayor of Topeka in Kansas Mayor Bill Bunten purposedly changed the name of their town from Topeka to “Google”.

With this action by Topeka Kansas residents, they were able to caught Google’s attention and that’s why Google is now honoring that action by temporarily changing its brand name from Google to Topeka.

Well, you shouldn’t believed immediately in the first place as today is April Fools Day. I guess you belonged to millions of people who have been fooled by Google with this April Fools prank.  LOL. Apparently, this Google’s move to change its name to Topeka is only accessible if you are using Google in the US. Other Google users in other parts of the world have the name Google remained in their web browsers.

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