April Fool’s Day: List of Most Famous Hoaxes of All time

Of all the events that would be happening every year, April Fool’s Day seemed to be making every person very cautious in everything that they would hear and see. If you want to be truthful, please do exclude this day to make statement. It is only during this day that we can make practical jokes and won’t be condemned afterwards. It’s just so funny that in spite of the day’s popularity, many are still becoming victims of the hoaxes spreading.

As everyone is celebrating this day, I decided to research for the most famous practical jokes that has happened during April Fool’s Day. Museumofhoaxes.com was able to list 100 of the most famous practical jokes of all time. I just chose the top 5 among their list.

Top 1 (1957) The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest – It was revealed in BBC’s news show Panorama wherenin Swiss farmers were enjoying their spaghetti harvest. Along with the news there has been a footage showing Swiss Peasants who were really harvesting spaghetti strands from spaghetti tree. A lot of people called the TV station and asked how to grow their own spaghetti tree and the answer that they got is to place a sprig of spaghetti inside a tin of spaghetti sauce and wait for what will happen.

Top 2 (1985) Sidd Finch – He said to be the ‘would be’ best player of the baseball team Mets. He can throw a baseball at 168 mph with pinpoint accuracy. The amazing thing is that he never played baseball before. Sports Illutrated who released the news were flooded with requests for more information of the player. Unfortunately, the player only exists in the imagination of his maker, George Plimpton.

Top 3 (1962) Instant Color TV – during this time in Sweden, only one TV station exists and it is on black and white. There has been an announcement in the station that you can convert your TV into colored TV by pulling a nylon stocking over their tv screen. Kjell Stensson, the TV announcer demonstrated the process. It was only in 1970 when real colored broadcasting existed in their country.

Top 4 (1996) The Taco Liberty Bell – Taco Bell announced to the public that they would be changing their name into Taco Liberty Bell because they bought the Liberty Bell. A lot proceeded to National Historic Park in Philadelphia where the bell was housed to express their anger.

Top 5 (1977) San Serriffe – A British Newspaper The Guardian released a special seven-page supplement devoted to San Serriffe. It a small republic consist of several semi-colon-shaped islands located in the Indian Ocean. Its two main islands were named Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse. Its capital was Bodoni, and its leader was General Pica. A lot has been convinced because geographical location was also shown.

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