Apple Opens iPad Pre-Orders Today

Starting today, Apple has allowed pre-orders for their latest product iPad in USA. Though the gadget won’t be in the hand of the consumers yet until April 3, the company could already trace up how much can this new device could sell. Pre-ordering the device is only available in the US as of now and it would soon be available on the other parts of the world later next month.

The company has limited each consumer to maximum of two (2) iPads per order. It would then be delivered on the its date of release which is April 3 of this year. In the Apple website, you will have an option to have it delivered to your house for free or reserve one and you would pick it up in your nearest Apple Store on the release date. The only available so far that would be released on 3rd of April is the one with WiFi. The ones with WiFi + 3G would be available later this month.

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