Apple and Samsung Patent War Continues

Two of the world’s largest smartphone and Tablet PC distributors, Apple Inc. and Samsung have been filing cases against each other regarding patent issues. Each claims that they invented this technology first or the other one is just copying this and that. Lawsuits anywhere in the globe have been filed halting each other’s marketing. No one really knows when will this end.

At least in Europe, Apple emerged victorious when they won an injunction in a Dutch court to stop Samsung Electronics from marketing three smartphone models in some European countries after alleging a breach of patents. That’s in Europe though, and doesn’t cover all countries in Europe for the record. Of course Samsung will not accept defeat that easy though and a counter charge is then expected. That’s not all, these lawsuits has been filed in Asia, USA and other places, almost covering the entire world. All these for the top spot that everyone has been longing.

On other side of the issue, what will these things bring to mankind? After all, they are the end users of their products. If they keep on pulling each other down, who then be providing gadgets to everyone? How can there be room for innovations and new discoveries if they keep themselves busy proving that their the best? I hope leading manufacturers would be able to think about it.

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