Antonio Margarito Cleared To Fight Manny Pacquiao In Texas

Antonio Margarito is set to fight Manny Pacquiao on Novemeber 13 at the Cowboys Stadium for a vacant junior middleweight title. This happens as Margarito has been issued his boxing license in Texas after being suspended for cheating by using an illegal substance for a fight with Shane Mosley last year.

Yes, this fight would guarantee Pacquiao another rich payday and a good shot at a record-breaking eighth title. Top Rank and Bob Arum are guaranteed to make decent earnings since any fight involving the Filipino boxing sensation can sell. What makes it sweeter for Arum and company is that both fighters are under Top Rank, which makes all earnings going in-house. Margarito on the other hand, stands to earn a seven-figure paycheck win or lose.

Now what message is the sport of boxing sending to fans? These are the fans that pay good money to see quality fights. Margarito cheated but he is now being rewarded with a huge payday. Top Rank is surely billed as villains as well. On top of all these, Pacquiao’s integrity is also put into question.

It is a pity that boxing has been overtaken by mixed martial arts, a relatively young sport, in terms of popularity. This is because we rarely see great boxing matches these days. Dana White and the UFC have been delivering great matches almost on a monthly basis. Other promotional outfits have followed suit with regular offerings of good MMA fights.

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