America’s Got Talent Vote and Top 10 Performance

America’s Got Talent Vote and Top 10 Performance – The top 10 of America’s Got Talent Season 5 had made their last performance to impress the judges during an episode aired on Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

The two-hour episode was full of the best performances ever of each of the ten contestants. Every one of them exerted all their effort since more than the judges they have to impress the American audience because this time there will be no Judge’s choice.

The two-hour special also featured a performance by Enrique Iglesias. The results of the America’s Got Talent vote will be revealed on Wednesday, September 8. The results show will feature performances from Sarah McLachlan and the cast of American Idiot. Also, it will determine who makes the top four spots in the finals.

Check out the video below featuring the performances of America’s Got Talent Season 5 Top Ten:


So who is your bet?

1. The dance troupe, Studio One Young Beast Society;
2. The singing sisters, Christina and Ali;
3. Stunt Bike Rider, performed to Jason Derulo’s Riding Solo by Jeremy Van Schoonhoven;
4. Singer, Taylor Mathews;
5. Ballroom dancers Anna & Patryk;
6. Blacklight Performers, Fighting Gravity;
7. Singer Michael Grimm;
8. Magician/Illusionist Michael Grasso;
9. Opera singer Prince Poppycock; or
10. Opera singer Jackie Evancho.

To find out how to vote for the top ten of the America’s Got Talent CLICK HERE.

Let us all brace ourselves on September 8 as America’s Got Talent vote is revealed and the top four are chosen.

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  1. With all the problems in america now a(10)year old angel had something to sing about and everyone that could hear her stopped and listened.Jackie Evanco has gift that could only come from one-GOD ALMIGHTY.

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