American Idol Season 9: Who Got Kicked Off May 12 Elimination?

Finally, the singing reality show, American Idol Season 9 has finally revealed it’s top 3 finalist. In no time, we would finally meet America’s newest Idol.

The top 4 contestants has performed songs of the movies like Caddyshack and Free Willy. They all did well last night and it’s up to the voters who will they save. Unfortunately, Big Mike wasn’t able to make it. It has always been him who had trouble escaping voters’ indifference ever since. He has been saved by the judges several times but wasn’t able to sustain it this time.

Now we have our top 3. Starting of with the rose among the thorns, Crystal Bowersox. Though she was standing next to Mike for the announcement of the Top 3, she was able to make it. Casey James was announced safe first followed by Lee Dewyze.

Mike’s wife was there cradiling their baby as he performed “Will You Be There.” of Free Willy. The quest of our physical trainer for being the next American Idol has finally ended. Having a voice like Mike will surely bring anyone to fame in the field of music. He not become the next American Idol, the music industry would still have a room for him.

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