American Idol Season 9: Top 3 Revealed

Now we’re down to our top 3 in the 9th season of American Idol. It seems to be just yesterday when the American Idol crew has been roaming around the country for the auditions. We’ve seen all sorts of talents from jaw-dropping to annoying ones. Aside from the weird talents, we were also keeping track of the judges’ evaluations on each of them, most especially the ones coming from Simon, who has been known to be the most critical among them.

Then the contest was brought to Hollywood and week by week, they all faced different concepts and music genre. Aside from sustaining the pressure of choosing the right song, they also need to sustain all sorts of critics from the judges and they need to impress the viewers to get favored for their precious votes.

As the show bid goodbye to our physical trainer Big Mike, the show has now revealed its Top 3. Starting with the first one who was included in the Top 3, the guitarist from Fort Worth, Texas, Casey James. Music critic Brian Mansfield of USA Today has described him to be “arguably…the best guitar player the show has seen.” He has been the oldest contestant to be included in the Top 24.

Next up would be Lee Dewyze, the singer-songwriter from Mount Prospect, Illinois. Right before he joined American Idol, he already released 2 independent albums, So I’m Told in 2007 and Slumberland in 2010. When he performed “Treat Her Like a Lady” he was able to impress his mentor Usher and all four judges including Cowell who said that “This was the night your life may have changed forever.”

Last but not the least is the only rose among the thorns. The 24 years old singer-songwriter from Elliston, Ohio, Crystal Bowersox. She is a single mom who has a fraternal twin brother. One of Simon’s comments to her is “Right now, you are the one everyone has to beat.” on one of her performances.

It’s all up to the viewers now who will they vote to be their next American Idol.

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