Amazon Announced Slimmer Kindle: Price Starts at $139

The world’s giant retailer Amazon has unveiled slimmer and sleeker Kindle which a much lower price. They call it as the third generation Kindle which is 21% smaller, 15% lighter and 50% better in terms of contrast. It is available in graphite and white. Price starts at $139 for the one which connects to Wifi only and $189 for the one that has both 3G wireless and Wi-Fi inside.

Much exciting features has been added to this new device and one of the most amazing one is the one month battery life. It also comes with a new voice guide which reads all menus aloud. The latter feature has been their answer to their promise to a blind student who sued Arizona State University for using Kindles last year. They promised the child to include a text-to-speech menus as their settlement for the matter.

Another thing they settled for the device is a whole new leather cover with a slide-out light. e-book users know that e-ink doesn’t have back lights so this has been their answer. Though you will pay a separate $59, the comfort that it gives made the price worth it.

This drop of prices has been their way of gaining back public interest for the gadget as rivals such as Apple’s iPad has been flourishing in the market which also features the e-book reading.

Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has made mention that at these price points, they’re starting to accumulate evidence that this is a mass product. Because of their sales, they can afford to lower down their prices even though rival products are making their way out.

“We’ve sold millions of the prior generation of Kindle and we’re going to sell millions of these,” Bezos said. “And when you get up into that kind of volume, you’re able to do a lot of things with the manufacturing models and supply chain in terms of driving down the cost.”

These whole new kindle would be shipped by August 27 and pre orders are already open.

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  1. I think that the future of Amazon’s digital books is going to be on your phone, which is always with you. I don’t see the point of buying the Kindle now.

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