Alleged US President Infidelity: Obama Cheating Scandal, Obama Affair with Vera Baker

This rumor is a little bit delicate.  Obama has been an icon of hope for Americans when he stepped on his office with promise.  We didn’t know he could be potentially an icon of infidelity like Tiger Woods.

We still are yet to really know the truth and confirm the allegations but as of now, the word is spreading like wild fire in the internet.

Vera Baker is supposedly a part of Obama’s team in 2004.  We are not sure if Obama’s wife knows about this affair or what not.

Stay updated on this issue and come back for the latest buzz on Obama Affair.

3 thoughts on “Alleged US President Infidelity: Obama Cheating Scandal, Obama Affair with Vera Baker

  1. Icon of hope? More like an icon of fraud. The majority of Americans see him for who he is: A socialist/fascist that is setting out to take over and ruin the U.S. Whether or not this affair is true, time will tell, but the focus now must be on his bad policies.

  2. This rumor is based on the National Enquirer’s current story. The Enquirer is not reporting as fact that an affair occurred. Instead, the Enquirer is basically raising the suggestion that an affair might or could have occurred, based on little more than the fact that two people were at the same place at the same time (and, by the way, she had a reason to be there since she was apparently a very important campaign aid in 2004). I may agree with very few of Obama’s policies, but this is very flimsy stuff, as I blogged about last night on The Independent Rage.

  3. Even if this happened, it seems to have been some years ago. The Obamas have admitted that they’ve had problems. But Barack has this knack for kicking intimates to the curb if something about them gets in the way of his goals. I wouldn’t be surprised (assuming this actually happened,) that this woman was shown the door when Mr. O got it into his head that he might have a ghost of a chance of running for President. And there probably aren’t any other little Obamas around like the baby Rielle Hunter had with John Edwards. Obama was abandoned by his father (and on occasion by his mother), and doesn’t seem to be one to inflict that on his offspring, another reason beyond political that he may have remained with his wife and daughters.

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