All is Well With Celine Dion and Her Pregnancy

After rumors about being hospitalized for pregnancy complications, Celine Dion’s fans will be happy to know that all is well with her pregnancy and she is due to deliver her twin boys in November as scheduled.

And, just to show the world how well all really is with her, a very pregnant Celine, her husband Rene Algelil and their son, Rene Charles posed on the cover of Canada’s 7 Jours magazine.

Concern for the singer-performer’s pregnancy swirled after news circulated that she was hospitalized and was having a difficult pregnancy. The truth of the matter is, she had difficulty conceiving, even going on Oprah to discuss her miscarriage and the difficulties of conceiving.

Celine and her husband have been trying for quite some time to have a second child together, what with their only son already nine years old. Last May they excitedly announced that they had successfully conceived via in-vitro fertilization.

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