Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Emergency SMS

Keeping in touch with the authorities whenever an emergency takes place is really essential. Using the technology specifically mobile phones in no doubt can help improve our emergency broadcasting system. Alcatel-Lucent, global telecommunications corporation has launched a system that allows wireless carriers to send emergency text messages to mobile phones based on their locations in the event of a local, state or national emergency. This new of system has widened the ability of the local public to immediately report unexpected harmful incidents.

By April 2012, the government has mandated the wireless carriers to have the system ready. For two years, Alcatel-Lucent has been working on the technology with the assistance of government agencies which includes the FCC, the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The system is vice-versa, the authorities could also send an emergency SMS to all mobile owners for emergency situations like emergency evacuation plan during a wildfire. However, the authorities won’t have a direct access to the mobile owners, instead they will be sending their important messages to a Broadcast Message Center, then this center will send it to the mobile service providers

One thought on “Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Emergency SMS

  1. Thanks for the great read, Sandy. There is a definite opportunity for text messaging technology to benefit emergency communications and response. Receiving a text message when there is a crisis in your area can be a life saving measure, and with advanced messaging platforms SMS can even be used to collect on the ground information. At my company Globaltel Media, we have customized our messaging platform to handle everything from mobile marketing campaigns to emergency response/public service communications to even HIPAA compliant medical transmissions with great success. If these programs continue to receive the high response rates they have been, it will be very interesting to see what SMS messaging is utilized for next. Thanks again.

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