Air strike kills 27 Afghanistan civilians

In southern Afghanistan, 27 civilians died because of an air strike. It hit a suspected insurgent convoy and killed a number of individuals including women and children. Some were just injured in the said incident.

The attack was not part of a major Nato-led push in neighbouring Helmand province. Civilian deaths in strikes have caused widespread resentment in Afghanistan.

A statement from Nato said it was thought the convoy contained Taliban insurgents on their way to attack Afghan and foreign military forces.

The Afghan government condemned the air strike, calling it “unjustifiable” and “a major obstacle” to effective counter-terrorism efforts.

In a revised statement, putting the death toll at 27, the Afghan cabinet said four women and one child were among those killed.

The statement also called on Nato “to closely co-ordinate and exercise maximum care before conducting any military operation so that any possible mistakes that may result in harming civilians… can be avoided”.

Nato should be very careful next time before this incident will happen again. Justice should be given to the innocent individuals of Afganistan.

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