Air New Zealand offers couples beds in economy class

This is another breakthrough from Air New Zealand. They have unveiled what it calls the first major improvement in economy class travel comfort in 20 years – beds. The beds are formed by foot-rests rising to the level of three adjacent seats. A blanket and loose normal-sized pillows complete the arrangement.

Passengers would need to buy the three seats together. The passengers would also need to be ready to sleep together in small families or couples.

The airline’s “Skycouch” follows a wildly successful safety campaign by the company in May 2009, which featured well-formed cabin staff wearing nothing but body paint.

Developed in-house by Air New Zealand (ANZ) designers and engineers, about a quarter of all long-haul economy seats will convert to Skycouches.

They will take up the first 11 rows in the economy cabin of the airline’s new Boeing 777-300 planes

So if you want to travel in the sky while sleeping with your love ones and “friends”, they you should board Air New Zealand now.

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