Aftershock Shook Chile as New President Piñera Sworn into Office

May 11, 2010, Chile’s new President Sebastián Piñera has sworn into office while the large lamps shook in the ceiling of the inaugural building. The ceremony went on in the Congress house in Valparaiso amidst the shaking. The epicenter of the aftershock was around 145 km south of Santiago, and 105 km west of the town of Rancagua. The US Geological Survey initially measured its magnitude at 7.2, but later revised the figure to 6.9. There has been a tsunami warning declared and people across the country ran into the streets in panic. Fortunately, there was report of casualties.

Sebastián Piñera, 60 years old, succeeded Michelle Bachelet as the country’s new president. Bachelet herself placed the presidential sash to Pinera’s shoulder. His administration will be facing a huge problem in recovering the country from the devastation. His team has estimated 30 billion USD to recover. He has been declared as the #701 billionaire in the Forbes Magazine.

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