After Being “Power-less” for Days Manila Becomes Waterless

There is no water crisis said President Noynoy Aquino, but Metro Manila resident would surely beg to differ.

After having gone power-less (without electricity) for days after Typhoon Basyang (International code name: Conson) felled power lines and electric posts, Metro Manila now goes waterless.

Most parts of Metro Manila have been experiencing intermittent water interruptions or low water pressure for a few weeks now as Maynilad and Manila Water tries to lessen the impact of the continuously receding water levels at the Angat Dam (the reservoir that supplies Metro Manila’s water needs) which started last summer.

Unfortunately, the magnitude of the water shortage was felt by an even larger area starting yesterday as Angat Dam’s water level continues to drop.

As the country has yet to officially enter the La Nina season (characterized by extreme rainy/typhoon-prone weather), having had only 2 typhoons so far since June, water at the Angat Dam is expected to recede even more to highly critical levels.

If this happens, the country’s water shortage will persist.

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