Adam Carolla Racism Allegations Regarding Filipino Manny Pacquiao

Adam Corolla is deeply criticized recently on his podcast episode answering a caller’s question about the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Some Filipino based websites are all against the so-called ‘racism’ remarks that Adam Corolla said on this specific episode on his podcast.

Seems like more Filipinos are offended that it’s trending right now.  Some gave different opinions though, saying that it’s not too bad and some of Adam’s remarks are a bit true.  Click here to view an interesting blog post about it.

Again, a lot of Filipinos are just offended as they think Adam is making a remark and labeling the Philippines as all “Sex Stores” and that people in the Philippines have no other life other than following Pacquiao.  Many oppose to that statement since they all know there are a lot more other things that the Philippines are concerned for other than Pacquiao.  True, they support Pacquaio in his fights, but that’s just for a day.  These people got livelihood as well.

Anyway, here’s the podcast and you may listen to what Adam Corolla actually said.  What do you think?


66 thoughts on “Adam Carolla Racism Allegations Regarding Filipino Manny Pacquiao

  1. Adam,

    You’re a shame of America!!! You are uneducated!! I wonder how your stupid parents raised an evil boy like you!!

    1. I agree he’s an evil racist! Adam cabron learn your geography idiot! Sex tours or sex stores are located in Thailand and red light district in Amsterdam. You better hire a bodyguard or watch your back! Asian gangsters in LA might get even and burn your house! Go to Afghanistan and help our troops coward!

  2. We filipino work for a living. We are busboys, maids, nurses, parking attendants, waiters/waitresses, doctors, cook, criminals, etc., etc., Remember what you said Mr. Corolla because we filipino will remember what you said. I just hope when you order foods in the restaurant or park your car somewhere or even stay in a hotel one day, you give good tips. Because we filipino have a way of getting back with our friends to show our hospitality. Thank you very much for teaching us how our country really is. Maybe someday you will visit our country, but I’m sure you will meet plenty of filipinos there where you live. We wish you the best.

  3. Some find Adam Corolla’s statements not funny but rather amusing. For a joke to be humorous, it should not degrade the human spirit.

    “What is the difference between a meat pie and a jew?” Answer : A meat pie does not scream when put in an oven.

    This joke is of the same level as Adam’s comments. No one really finds this funny – the same way that his comments are not humorous. If people like Adam finds amusement on this kind of statements, then his mind need to be re-examined.

  4. Hey Adam, hope you have a day job as a fallback ‘Dude’- you ignorant fukk ! These bloggers are more humerous than your best material – You & monkeys like yourself should have your citizenship revoked – Enjoy your ‘George Bush’ moment ! LMFAO…

  5. If only I knew that you will turn into an evil person, I should have force myself into abortion just to get rid of you. As a mother, Im ashamed of what you become. Did you know that when Manny Pacquiao fights, he contributes millions of dollars to the government to support mine and your dads food? That is food stamps and Medicaid for our healthcare since you never give a single penny to us. And by the way, your aunt is still in nursing home which are paid by the government. Pacquiao had a little contribution on that too, you dont.There are plenty of us here in the US who depends on it(some are arrogant, lazy, leach, ignorant, dumb/cannot even spell english words).So stop picking on my boy Pacquiao or I will kisk your ass the next I’ll see you.

  6. Adam is a funny person who provides many hours of material every week for entertainment. Take this with the spirit for which it’s indented. For a 6 minute excerpt of that material to forge your opinion makes you a hypocrite when his intention is to provide a service that is not intended for you. Either listen to the hour before and hour after that 6 minutes or go back to your NPR station and enjoy the PBS programming you so love. Be careful not to open your eyes while you are out side of your house today because there are much bigger things to worry about than this in the world.

  7. Adam haole racist you are not welcome here in Hawaii. The Asian people here and the Hawaiians do not like you. You’re not even funny. You are disgusting! I feel sorry for you. Ever been to a foreign country?

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