The World Correspondents is a news firm based in Montgomery, NY, USA. We deliver you the freshest and hottest breaking headlines about Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Science, Lifestyle and anything that is interesting. We strive to inform the public through a unique blend of citizen journalism and editorial work. We encourage our readers to leave their comments and share their views and perspectives on our daily news here at WC.

WC does not accept any submissions that are misleading, plagiarized, or that contain general negative information about individuals, companies, and other parties. WC encourages different opinions from our contributors. Rest assured that no submission will be rejected based solely because an editor doesn’t agree about the writer’s/contributor’s opinion

Contributors here at WC post their articles for review and an editor checks the submissions within an hour of their submission. Always put in mind that if a source continually posts questionable content, he or she will be removed from the World Correspondents with no questions asked. Readers that identify stories that are questionable are encouraged to notify us about the problem.

World Correspondents is still accepting Contributor and News Researcher applications. If you’re interested, why not give it a try. Contact us and state your interest in becoming one of the World Correspondents

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If you want to know more about the team behind World Correspondents, here they are:


» Michael Sullivan – is the master mind of the World Correspondents. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology at Standford University. He loves to play golf and tennis during his vacant hours.
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Associate Editors

» Anne Frankhudler – one of the very first writers for World Correspondents. She loves to write, write and write. She is a seasoned blogger and traveller. She loves to play chess and billiards.
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» Drake Harvester – Drake is one of the few unknown Internet Marketers in the World Wide Web today. He makes a thousand dollars each day by just doing what he loves to do. He’s addicted to Playstation 3 and he’s playing Uncharted 2 over and over again.
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» Naomi Larkin – if you think only boys love to play with their PS3, think again. This girl is one of the few girls I know who is also addicted in playing with her PS3. She’s not into girly games, she’s one of the Top 100 best players in Modern Warfare 2. She also loves to write and contributes articles daily at WC.
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Managing Editors

» Leila Vander Woodsen – one of the best Figure skaters from Canada. She’s a close friend of Tessa Virtue and she loves to write that’s why she’s here at World Correspondents. She’s a CSS Guru and knows everything about CSS.
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» Sandra Vintmitchell – a Computer Science graduate from Chennai University. She’s the geekiest girl that the world has ever known. She knowns everything from Rails to Assembly Language. She’s also an expert Mythryl, OpenEdge ABL, Python, QuakeC, and Rlab coder.
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» Sandy Winterfield – one of the best Entertainment and Sports writer in London. She was a former employee of IBM. She loves ice skating and bungee jumping. Her favorite breakfast are pancakes.
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India Correspondents

» Nehul Jagdish Kumar – News Correspondent for CVC.tv, Australia’s News Network. Also worked as Journalist for Employment & NRI Times, Sub-editor for Exim India Newsletter and Link Magazine. He completed a four-week long training in Online Journalism and Web 2.0 from Deutsche Welle (DW) AKADEMIE, Germany, in collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
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» Faakhir Obalesh – An experienced reporter from Mumbai, India. He’s also a news contributor for Bloomberg International, at the same time, for the World Correspondents. He’s very busy in reporting news, developing the editorial format and writing individual story concepts.
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Bangladesh Correspondent

» Syed Tashfin Chowdhury – a Senior Staff Writer from New Age, an English daily in Bangladesh. He has over seven years of experience in journalism while working full time for newspapers like the Daily Star and also a magazine like Campaign Bangladesh, a Haymarket franchise in Bangladesh.
Google Talk | E-mail | Mobile No.: (+880) 2-659-336-9540

Nepal Correspondent

» Anil Giri – is a Foreign Affairs Senior Correspondent at The Kathmandu Post. He was part of Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post as a Chief of Bureau from 2005 to 2008. At the same time, he also served BBC as a contributor from New Delhi. He was also a correspondent of Korea Times and Gulf News. He earned his Master’s Degree in English literature from Tribhuvan University of Kathmandu.
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United States Correspondents

» Michael Mira – a blogger, writer and photographer based in Houston, Texas. He worked as a freelance photographer for a local news publication called the Jewish Herald-Voice. He has been blogging for 10 years and has been a freelance photographer for 5 years. He’s also one of the editors of the webzine called The Fading Ink, which was launched last 2008. You can read his personal blog at motionparallax.blogspot.com
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» Kate McGinty – An online news contributor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s currently a senior Computer Science student from Harvard University. She’s one of the contributing editors of the official Harvard school paper called The Harvard Crimson. She’s also a news contributor for Technorati, Life Hacker, Business Week, Venture Beat and Tech Republic.
Google Talk | E-mail | Tel No.: (412) 658-9087

News Researchers

» Omar Mercado
» Jennifer Mercado
» Amanda Roverfield
» Tracy Edenloft
» Hench Verton
» Mike Solis
» Dwight Hemmingway
» Charles Mintcold
» Harvey Shimmerton
» Rain Stanford
» Claire Alpert
» Heevi Springfield
» Henry Stanford


» Helen Mary Labao
» Stephanie Saint
» Arthur Crowshield
» Mike Humplay
» James Lee Bucket
» Scott Hellsway
» Allison Mordecai
» Jim Porterhouse
» Harry Longstone
» Steve Samplesock
» Colleen Mcguire
» Kimberly Vanhilton
» Melanie Pendang

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