A Whole New Look For Facebook Very Soon

If you’re an avid Facebook user you might probably be noticing a little bit of changes on the page right now. Haven’t you notice that the chat box is a little bit bigger? I noticed it too but this is just one of the changes that might probably happening in the social networking site.

The redesign of the look of Facebook was first mentioned in a post in Techcrunch 6 hours ago. As of the moment, Facebook is holding an event at their headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The event would most likely be about the new design of the Facebook which would be unveiled tomorrow. Few changes can already be seen right now. It has been rumored that the chat box would be transfered to the left and it would contain a bigger profile picture. Apps will be moved below profile pictures as icons might as well be happening. Majority of the changes would be in the Profile pages.

Another big social networking site Twitter has already changed its look few days ago and it looks chic. Let’s just hope that the new look of Facebook would satisfy the taste of its million users. People behind Facebook are surely doing their best to give their users the satisfaction that they need.

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