A Robot Impervious to Landmines

A new remote-controlled robot designed to clear landmines can withstand as much as 17 lbs. of explosives without sustaining any damage.

Made of hardened steel, the Digger DTR D3 has a rotating tungsten hammer up front that digs about a foot into the ground and pulverizes things upon contact; including landmines, but not before detonating them.

The D3 is operated from a safe distance. It features a “V” shaped hull to protect it from damage while reinforced grates cover the air-intakes which might otherwise be vulnerable to shrapnel. It can effectively clear land of all mines while also removing any and all forms of obstructions.

It is not immune to breaking down, however. But the manufacturer has taken great lengths to make the Digger easily repairable. The engine and other internal parts are relatively easy to access. It also provides plans to enable the user to build spare parts themselves. This is quite essential in far locations; which is where you would expect landmines to be in the first place.

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