A Rare Crocodile Was Found in Florida at St. Petersburg by Shondra Farner

News reports came in where a rare crocodile was spotted by a resident named Shondra Farner at St. Petersburg in Florida.

Shondra Farner found the rare crocodile in her own backyard by the community pond and reported it to Florida Seafood and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission last Sunday, September 18, 2011. They had set a cage trap with beef loin hoping to catch the reptile.

“That big boy was just about 8 feet (2.5 meters) from our patio. It’s terribly scary looking. And fast. When he turned to leave, I couldn’t believe how quick he was.”

Through his trip to Costa Rica, Farner had recognized the difference between crocodiles and alligators.¬†Crocs have narrower, more triangular snout while alligators not only have wider, more rounded snouts, but they also don’t like the brackish and salt waters that crocs can live in.

Lindsey Hord, the crocodile response coordinator for the wildlife commission, said it’s possible that this is the same reptile spotted south of St. Petersburg in 2008. Hord said the crocodile is living on the ducks that swim in the water.

Reviews state that you will find about 1,500 crocodiles in Florida plus they are usually available at 300 miles south within the Florida Secrets where it’s warmer.

FWC authorities says when taken, a magnet is going to be inserted around the rare crocodile and it’ll be launched in to the Polk Bay. The magnet can help disorient the rare reptile and stop it from coming back to communities.

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