A Documentary: Life in A Day Countdown Youtube 2 Days

Netizens, Youtubers and simply just geeks with passion for films and the internet are counting down the days ’till July 24, 2010 arrives!

July 24 2010 marks the day where people can become part of “Life in a Day”.  “Life In a Day” is an online experiment where it aims to document lives of different people.  This documentary is headed and produced by Ridley Scott.  Kevin Macdonald directs the video and YouTube is the official video partner.

People living yet ordinary lives can become a part of this historic global event which aims to capture the world’s largest user-generated feature film.  The documentary will also be shot only in one single day.  This of course would involve everyone who will be sending their videos on YouTube.

YouTube 3 Days marks the countdown to the day when people can start uploading videos for the Life in a Day Documentary.  If you want to participate, just hold on to your camera on July 24 and you have the entire day to capture a piece of your life on camera.  They will choose the most interesting videos throughout the world and they will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

Check out the official website of YouTube.com for more information on YouTube 3 Days: Life in a Day.

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