9/11 Memorial: A Personal 9/11 Quote

9/11 Memorial: A Personal 9/11 Quote – The single image above sends different messages to all of us. It tells us of the horror and the pain felt by those who were trapped inside the World Center Tower. The fear of death and the eventual conclusion that they will surely die during that very hour.

This fear is the same fear that might have caused the attack. This same grief is the same grief that might have caused the attacks. For thousand of years Muslims were also persecuted from their land, driven away and killed. The Palestinians were being driven from their own land and they have no power to retaliate. On the other end, Christians were also being persecuted. Some of them were killed for practice of their own religion.

Hundreds of years ago we see the Crusades killing millions of Muslims and then the Muslims wage a war that killed millions of Christians. An endless wave of violence. A never ending hatred towards one another.

Pastor Terry Jones warned of burning copies of the Quran and called Islam as the religion of the devil. Muslims protested and vows to retaliate. Imam Faisal Adbul Rauf warns of not being allowed to build a mosque in New York just around 500 feet away from Ground Zero of the 9/11 attacks while most Americans warned of building the mosque there.

When will this senseless violence and hatred stop? If we are to remember 9/11’s lesson it is the fact that we are all humans and lives must be respected and preserved. These bickering over religion and treats should not be done. People who threaten others are people who do not deserve to be called human.

We are created to love and in a life of peace we should always walk.

Remember 9/11, remember the pain, forgive, and spread love and peace.

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