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82nd Academy Awards: Worst and Best Dressed

November 28, 2016 by · 2 Comments 

Oscars 2010 Worst and Best Dressed Celebrities: In any award giving events, there is always a red carpet event wherein fashion critics are given chances to take a look at each of the celebrity’s outfit. They would judge every detail of what they’re wearing and would categorize them as either worst or best dressed. It’s not enough how expensive your dress is, it is on the way you carry it.

As the celebrities enter the hall, flashes of cameras and a crowd of photographers would welcome them as they pose their best angles and show their outfits. In events likes this, fashion icons are are dressing up their choice of celebrities as a way also of telling the audience how great their creations are.

In this year’s Oscars, many personalities has been so stunning but not all of them are good to look at. Let’s start with worst dressed:

From left to right:

>> Zoe Saldana -topped the list in her sparkling lilac and purple Givenchy dress – she looked like a piñata from the waist down.
>> Mariah Carey -broke the cardinal rule of the red carpet: cleavage or leg – never both.
>> Sarah Jessica Parker seemed to disappear beneath her slim-fit Grecian pale yellow satin Chanel frock. She looks like the trophy.
>> Anna Kendrick looked drab and swamped her figure in a pale pink mousseline Elie Saab gown

And now the best dressed:

From left to right:

>> Miley Cyrus – strapless champagne frock with tulle dress, satin bodice and shimmering waist.
>> Cameron Diaz – strapless silver tulle gown with sequin detailing, topped off with red lipstick.
>> Penelope Cruz – ruby red satin strapless wrap frock.
>> Demi Moore – nude body con and frill detail dress, showing off her enviable figure.
>> Sandra Bullock – sparkled in a silver fishtail dress and lashings of red lipstick.

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2 Responses to “82nd Academy Awards: Worst and Best Dressed”
  1. Don says:

    Who on earth has done this list? no clue at all…

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry… but the worst gown was worn by Charlize Theron. On camera those boob flowers were quite distracting.

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