8001050F: The error code that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad

8001050F is indeed the most famous error code in the history of all PS3 error codes. We already wrote about how Sony reacted in this phenomena and how to fix the PS3 error code 8001050F. The truth is, until now this error wasn’t fixed by Sony yet.

There’s a manual but risky way to resolve this Playstation Network downtime error. But only a few brave souls attempted to fix their own console.

It has been more than 24 hours since Sony promised to fix 8001050F. Sony disappointed a lot of users world wide. As a matter of fact, people wants to sue Sony, as what one of the commenters said in this article.

“We are now in the state of paranoia”, said Mark Gilmer, a certified Playstation 3 addict.

One of our commenters also said that the problem is not with the PSN, but with the PS3’s software.

Others said that it will be fixed after March 1, 2010, because the Playstation’s brain is too dumb and thought that 2010 is a leap year and today is February 29, 2010, which is so wrong.

Once again, let’s all wait for the official announcement from the Playstation blog about how to fix this error.

I bet there’s another firmware upgrade that will resolve this and the Sony Playstation engineers are working overtime to find a way to fix this software bug that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad.

3 thoughts on “8001050F: The error code that made all PS3 fanboys gone mad

  1. all you need to do is go to time and date settings and manually set the time. abracadabra nigga, them shits works.

  2. Listen…. there are plenty PS3 owners out there that notice that…. this is technology and this sort of thing happens..We are not going MAD….

  3. yeah sony better not pull that BS again cuz PSN is the only thing that makes ps3 better den x-box and alot of people would sue them cuz of all the extra money

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