8001050F PS3 Error: While world has gone mad, Sony remained silent

After we’ve published our article about fixing the error 8001050F, we’ve received hundreds of comments from PS3 users across the world in less than a minute.

Playstation users are so impatient and can’t wait for Sony to fix things up. But we can’t blame them, because they have the right to complain.

Sony on the other hand remained silent regarding this matter. After Patrick Seybold announced the latest news regarding their network status, there’s no more update that followed that announcement.

They just promised that they will fix the error within 24 hours. But if you’re an avid gamer and a super hardcore Playstation fanatic, I bet you can’t wait and you’re now hitting your head against the wall. We can’t deny the fact that PS3 fanboys went insane waiting and waiting and waiting for the fix to arrive.

Others are saying that this 8001050F PS3 Error is a marketing strategy by Sony to sell their news PS3 slims, that’s why they indicated in their announcement that PS3 slims are not affected with this so-called bug.

If we cannot do something to fix the error, we just need to be patient. That’s all and hope that Sony will fix this 8001050F dilemma.

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166 thoughts on “8001050F PS3 Error: While world has gone mad, Sony remained silent

  1. SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!
    Wtf man? one day and sony fans are saying fukk sony and im going to xbox?!
    ONE DAY!?
    You dont think xbox live goes down? Dude shut the fuck up and wait for them to fix it you fucks fags. What they are going to just let millions of ps3 first generation go un fixed? Its a business !
    Holy shit man, you guys are embarass me as an owner of the uber ps3.
    christ. Go wash the dishes or something.

  2. I highly doubt Sony is just trying to sell PS3 ‘Slims’. Think about it.. its a very small market of gamers that are so hardcore they would go buy a brand new PS3 just because their PS3 ‘Fat’ is down for the day. It doesn’t seem like a good strategy to generate revenue.

    Also, a few of you are saying “Oh, you can live without games for a day..”. This is entirely true but, don’t forget many people are paying to have Netflix on their PS3’s as well as renting movies/TV shows that have a limited time to watch. Think about it.. people are losing money because of this.

  3. OMB I’m just a kid so I don’t have money to fuckin waist on a ps3 slim n I am being pissed off by this thing or what eve but I almost have to money for a 360 and idk it seems if this isn’t fixed byby ps3 hello 360

  4. Just be patient will kick back in down for 2 days cleared everything dont do anything sony problem they will solve i hated waiting but lost everything worth the wait still a very good system!!!!trust me nothing you can do error 8001050F tried everything last thing i did reset playstation default log in under same act lick i forgot password then cancelled entered old password and worked finally Thanks who ever me or sony

  5. if i gut mine and unplug the battery will it fix the problem?cause i know if i run out and buy a new one that will.fuck sony ,they are just making money off the people who are getting new ones right know .what the fuck?

  6. F*** the Japs. Tired of this sh*t!!! Had a recall on my Toyota and Lexus and now this PS3 crap. I’m already about to trade my toyota for a chevy and the lexus for a BMW. And now it seems I will get an X-box. Hate the JAPS!!!!

  7. Wow im speechless, i love seeing this 8001050f error code!I have always pumped up PS3 to be so much better than xbox but now im gonna start singing a different tune! Sony saying they are going to charge for online use, and now getting this error code which a lot of folks are saying is not fixable unless you disassemble your ps3 and remove the battery and plug it back it in order to reset your internal clock. Sony you have a lot of making up to do, especially considering how much money I have spent on your games and what not! I hope they know if they charge for internet than EVERY1 will go to xbox but thats the least of there worries when they have an unfixable bug! How can you fix a bug that will not let you connect to the internet for a system update? YOU CANT! SOMEONE DONE MESSED UP! YOU RICH CORPORATE BASTARDS! THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL HAD COMING TO YOU FOR OVERCHARGING AND BEING GREEDY. GAMESTOP HERE I COME TO GET AN XBOX! BY THE WAY I BET THE GAME “MAG” IS REALLY UPSET NOW BECAUSE IT LOST ALOT OF MONEY! WHOMP WHOMP 🙁

  8. Losers. It’s not the end of the world. Go do something with constructive and get off your asses. This is the first glitch I’ve encountered with my PS3 and I wouldn’t trade it for the Red Ring of Death or XBOX live’s seemingly endless glitches by a long shot. The 360 is not the solution. I’m going to be creative and stimulate my mind while patiently waiting for the fix. Maybe I’ll go outside and do something that requires actual physical activity for something more than just my thumbs. Settle down, kids.

  9. Get over it! I could see if it was down for a week, but its only been a few hours! If you planed out your whole day sitting on the couch and playing video games, and you are angry now, then its probably a good thing for you. This will give you a chance to play with your pets, or go somewhere and work on getting a life! Suck it up and quit whining!

  10. Has it been fixed for other people? I changed the time manually of my system and the playstation network works fine now.. just wondering if this is a coincidence or if it’s a way to bypass the problem.


  12. Ok guys. It took me 10 seconds to fix this. And all I needed was a controller. All you have to do is change the date to March 1st and enter the time. Sounds simple and it is. The date on my ps3 reverted back to 12/31/2000. Confused it I guess. All fixed and I’m back online! Happy fixing! Screw the XBox!

  13. Hey everyone I found a fix for this. It worked for me so it should work for the rest of you. The problem is that the PS3 thinks it’s February 29th but in reality it’s March 1st. This being a brainfart for the PS3. So I heard you have to wait until tomorrow for this to be fixed because it will be the second of the month. So I just changed the date to 3/2/2010 under the date and time settings and everything is working perfectly. Please comment after me and let me know if this worked for you!


  15. every one gets upset way to easy, either sony fixed the problem or the solution was there all along, come on people dont act like your 2 yrs old and cry when you dont have your way, people make mistakes problems fixed go back to playing, and yes i have a fat PS3, i love it and would never buy an XBOX

  16. All I can say is…guess what company will not be getting the roughly $5k in electronics business I had budgeted for my tax return. A new 50+ inch and a laptop are in my future, but they now won’t be Sony. Furthermore, I will not buy ANY new PoS3 games or accessories. If they couldn’t learn from Y2K, they won’t get another dime from me. I will now only buy preowned or 3rd party. I suggest you all do the same, send them a message where they’ll get it. Their bottom line. BOYCOTT SONY!

  17. I checkout out the time/date setting on my fat, and it was set to 2/28/2010 4:19pm…. which was about 23 hours and 40 minutes ago…. I changed it to the correct time and date manually after disabling my internet…. Got my shit working…. it’s first gen ps3 btw 20gb

  18. we caught the error trying to netflix ~ just got that account started and it wont stream ~ tried resetting the date and time via internet, per another threads suggestion on fixing netflix ~ got the error. PISSED!!!!! no online games OR movies!!!!

  19. ITS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE SIGNED IN FOR THE FIRST TIME SINE MIDNIGHT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. Ok. So, I’ve backed sony forever. I still want to be that guy that,s like “It’s ok people, sony will find a way and everything will be fine.” BUT…. like i said, i would LIKE to be that guy. But right now, cant be. TRUE x box sucks royaly. we are over this though. So i just want to say a few things.

    1) Sony…. wheres my refund.

    2) Sony is now a criminal for robbing me and now owes me 400 bucks… strait up robbed

    3) Can any 1 prove that Level9Germ’s “fix” as correct?

    4) Is there any release when this is going to be fixed?

    5) …. really though… what kind of billion dollar corporation, is so lame braind as to have a bug about the time and date. have we learned nothing from Y2K?

    6) People who stood around and allowed this to happen…. i hate you and think you need to be punched in the face and beat senseless.

  21. Wow. Can’t play you PS3 for a day… a lot of you said the hell with Sony b/c a simple glitch? If ever had an Xbox got the red ring you are out of a system for a whole month!! Do the that simple fact screw the Xbox. PS3 all the way!!

  22. Can you please be patient as in me i am a worker in a sony ps3 company ur ps3’s will not get broke’n down” if you play single player well we are not sure about that. Such games as modern warfare 2,grand theft auto 4 and bioshak 2 have a way more advantage messing up ur ps3 ur ps3 cant handle the hardware so if you play like 4 hours a day ur ps3 will get this error if you leave ur ps3 for a bit(1-3 days)it should work please email this aman.gill@live.com for a reply on how to pervent this thank you have a nice day.

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