8001050F PS3 Error: While world has gone mad, Sony remained silent

After we’ve published our article about fixing the error 8001050F, we’ve received hundreds of comments from PS3 users across the world in less than a minute.

Playstation users are so impatient and can’t wait for Sony to fix things up. But we can’t blame them, because they have the right to complain.

Sony on the other hand remained silent regarding this matter. After Patrick Seybold announced the latest news regarding their network status, there’s no more update that followed that announcement.

They just promised that they will fix the error within 24 hours. But if you’re an avid gamer and a super hardcore Playstation fanatic, I bet you can’t wait and you’re now hitting your head against the wall. We can’t deny the fact that PS3 fanboys went insane waiting and waiting and waiting for the fix to arrive.

Others are saying that this 8001050F PS3 Error is a marketing strategy by Sony to sell their news PS3 slims, that’s why they indicated in their announcement that PS3 slims are not affected with this so-called bug.

If we cannot do something to fix the error, we just need to be patient. That’s all and hope that Sony will fix this 8001050F dilemma.

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166 thoughts on “8001050F PS3 Error: While world has gone mad, Sony remained silent

  1. all you need to do is go to settings, then go to time and date settings and manually set the time. abracadabra nigga, them shits works.

  2. ok i’ve found an indefinite harmless way to fix this problem. all i did was go to my date and time settings and set the date to exactly this 2/27/10 time 6:09:13 and suddenly i was able to connect.i do believe that the reason this happened was because of a date error because a date that was allowed to be chosen was “2/29/10” obviously this year isnt a leap year so i believe that was to blame.

  3. Just change the date to today’s date and presto! All fixed! No need to disassemble! Hope everyone is happy again! ALL FIXED!

  4. I tried the fix listed below and it worked perfectly!!

    It did take me two hours start to finish though.

    Also, my battery was located at a different spot on the board, and did not have a green enclosure like the one shown on the link below. Once I found it and took it out it did fix things though.



    Level9Germ says:
    March 1, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Here is the instructions on how to fix this yourself. 24 hours later, I was sick of waiting for Sony.


    “Make it rain Germ… make it rain.”

  5. Resolved at midnight bloody wierd! Sony didn’t need to do a thing however it looks like they will disable their clock sync functions in 4 years to stop the same crap!

  6. alright so i reset my clock on the 28th to the exact time it was at the time, and it didn’t connect that same day or all day today. but all of a sudden its working today 🙂 i cant complain about to pop in the Netflix n see whats new! thnx sony!!!

  7. nvm i guess netflix is still affected or something cuz it wont connect:( anybody else having the same problem??

  8. I guess I am one of the unlucky one’s. I had tech support on without knowing what was going on with everyone else. They had me reboot the system in safe mode and reformat. Well that was the end of my fatboy. Some how doing that with the date problem bricked the system and now nothing but a blank sceen appears. They did offer me a new system however for 119.00 plus 29.00 s/h. Nothing more I can do but accept and chalk it up.

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