8001050F: Lost PS3 trophies and some PSN errors still not fixed

After Sony officially announced that the error code 8001050F has been resolved, many users are still complaining about it. But not as many as before. The resolution did not affect 100% of the PS3 users world wide. There are some who are still experiencing the same problem.

Others can already log in to Playstation Network, but their beloved trophies are gone forever. This is a serious problem that Sony should face. If all your trophies are hard earned, and suddenly it vanished like a thief in the night, I bet you’re freaking out right now.

To those who have lost their trophies and suffered the 8001050F cyber disaster, you should contact Sony Playstation support to manually restore your trophies.

If there’s no chance to restore your trophies manually, you should start from zero now and earn all trophies all over again.

But if you really don’t care about your trophies in Playstation Network, just forget about what happened and play for fun.

5 thoughts on “8001050F: Lost PS3 trophies and some PSN errors still not fixed

  1. my ps3 had this same problem 3/1/10 and that same day my cusin ps3 had also lost his trophies ….we were all mad .we had thought the game had been broken but it wasnt hours later it finally worked normally .thanx God it almost gave me a heart attack………seriouly

  2. I was one effected by this bug. Only effected the “fat” PS3’s. I kind of like how they named this bug the ApocolyPS3. The trophies are easily recovered. Just follow sony’s instructions on recovering your trophies. Search it up. STI

  3. Sound on my games hasn’t worked since the bug went away….dvd sound is fine, just not any sound on any of my games, anyone got any ideas?????

  4. Darrin,

    I had this problem just before my last ps3 tanked. I think it is related to overheating. Make sure that there is plenty of air for circulation around your unit. Anyway, the way to fix it is to go into you audio output settings (in the setting menu), change it to analogue output, turn the ps3 off, turn it back on and change the audio output settings to digital. Should work then. On occasions I had to actually connect some analogue plugs out for the audio before it would reset back to a digital output. Anyway, this problem happened to me randomly to my ps3 over about 4 months – just all of a sudden the digital sound would drop out and Id have to reset the audio output. Was a real pain. I dont think its related to the Error code though. Anyway, finally the blueray player stopped working and I sent it in to Sony and got a replacement.

  5. here’s how i was able to fix it. I hooked up BOTH, the HDMI for video and the VGA for sound. Once I turned the PS3 on and got video from HDMI and sound from VGA, I unplugged the VGA and the HDMI kept the audio!!

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