4th of July Recipes: My Favorite BBQ every 4th of July

More than the long weekend, the revelry and the smell of barbeque and fireworks, 4th of July 2010 marks the 234th year of American Independence.

As our forefathers fought long and hard to gain their freedom, we must also fight long and hard to keep and preserve it.

The great Benjamin Franklin has put it so succinctly, “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve either one.”

Let’s give it some thought as we celebrate and watch every street parade go by. Gaining a deeper understanding of what this momentous day means will definitely make our own celebrations more memorable and meaningful.

Speaking of celebrations, here’s my all-time favorite barbeque recipe:

4-6 pieces of Pork belly – marinated and boiled until tender in your favorite BBQ sauce/marinade (remember to add a cup of water to the marinade before boiling the meat in)

 A bag or two of charcoal for grilling

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