48-3 Blowout Opens Alabama Crimson Tide Football Season

No. 1 Alabama opened their season on Saturday night with a lopsided victory over San Jose State, 48-3. The Alabama Crimson Tide missed Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram due to a knee injury but the Tide have proven that it has a deep roster of experienced and young talents worthy of contending for the national championship once again.

Ingram’s backup Trent Richardson set the tone early in the first half. He ran for 66 yards and scored two touchdowns for Alabama. Richardson sat out the whole of the second half with Alabama secure with its first win of the season. Eddie Lacy took over the second half with two more touchdowns as Richardson sat on the bench. Demetrius Goode logged 11 rushes and ran for 66 yards.

The San Jose Spartans scored their one and only field goal in the first quarter, a 31-yard kick by Harrison Waid. The rest of the game was a display of Alabama Crimson Tide’s offense.

Now they are looking forward to No. 19 Penn State on September 11.

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