2010 UK General Elections: Live Updates and Coverage Made Possible by Technology

For a country to run smoothly, it should have a well rounded government with well rounded government officials. Every country has its election limelight and this time, UK is having it. As of the moment, the election counting of the UK General Elections is still going on. With the technology that we have right now, people in UK can keep track of what’s going on through their PC’s. Unlike before, you only have your radio or television as your sole source of information of the election results.

As of the moment, David Cameron of the Conservative Party is on the lead but Gordon Brown of the Labour Party is not far behind. So far there has been 597 out of 650 seats declared wherein the Conservative Party got 285, the Labour Party got 235 and coming on the third spot is the Liberal Democrat, lead by Nick Clegg, having 50.

BBC has been having a live coverage of UK’s General Elections. You can log on to their news front page to see the latest results. Whoever wins in this elections, let’s just hope that their main aim to serve their countrymen would emerge all throughout their term.

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