2010 NBA Playoffs: April 24 Games Results and April 25 Schedule

Game 3 of the NBA 2010 Playoffs has already finished and 2 of the 6 games of the Game 4 has ended. NBA fans has been keeping track of how well will their favorite teams go through until the Finals.

One of the matches of Game 3 that has happened in April 24 was between Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic. Magic got a raging 90 points against Bobcats’ 86 marking their 3rd consecutive win in the best of 7 playoffs. Next was between Portland Blazers and Phoenix Suns. Suns was able to tie up with the Blazers (2-2) in the best of 7 series with a score of 96 against 87. On the other hand Milaukee Bucks, having their home court advantage, was able to get their first win against Atlanta Hawks (2-1) in with the score of 107 against 89. Lastly, Oklahoma Thunder able to catch up LA Lakers and got their 2nd win with the score of 110 against 89.

April 25 Games will start at 1:00 pm with a Game 4 between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat with Celtics having no losses so far. By 3:30 pm, Game 4 between Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls will take place with Cleveland having 2 wins already against Chicago’s 1. Next up would the Game 4 match between Dallas Mevericks and San Antonio Spurs by 7:00 pm . So far the Spurs got their 2 consecutive wins while the Mavericks got their only win so that at Game 1. Lastly would be the Game 4 between Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz will be at 9:30 pm with a standing of 2-1 in favor of the Jazz.

NBA updates would be available here. Stay tuned and be updated.

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