2010 Mazda Recall Includes Mazda 3 and Axela Car Models

Not too long ago, we’ve heard of Toyota Motors Corp. having a recall of millions of their affected car models due to the sticking gas pedal problem. This is followed very recently by another problem in their Lexus GX460 which is brought into attention by Consumer Reports magazine.

Unfortunately, Toyota Motors is not the only company recalling their cars due to serious problems which may lead to accidents. The latest of this series of car recalls is Mazda.

Accordingly, Mazda is having a recall of about 90,000 car models, specifically their Mazda3 and Axela compact cars in Japan and China, to fix a faulty oil hose. The said Mazda affects Mazda cars made between January 2006 and March 2009.

Mazda claims that an oil hose and a radiator shroud panel have been put too close together in their affected Mazda car models and may be damaged by friction when travelling on bumpy terrain, leading to potential leaks.

However, Mazda says that their Mazda3 sold in the United States is not covered in the recall because it uses a different engine. In addition, the 2010 Mazda recall also affects about 35,000 passenger Mazda cars called Axela in Japan. Mazda also recalled roughly 55,000 Mazda3 model in China.

Oh well, it seems that every company is having a recall issue. What happened to the automotive industry nowadays? Quality is really declining.

2 thoughts on “2010 Mazda Recall Includes Mazda 3 and Axela Car Models

  1. The recalls by Toyota are special because of the freakish events surrounding them, not because they happened. Milions of products are recalled annually, you just didn’t notice before.

  2. I don’t think it’s that quality is declining, in my opinion it is that manufacturers are becoming more conscious about quality control, especially the risk of lawsuits. By announcing recalls they are effectively minimising the risks of litigation and at the same time giving an impression that they are actively doing something about improving the quality of their product and looking after the customer.

    Think back to 30 years ago when timing belts used to last 5,000km on BMW’s, rear windows used to pop off the back of Leyland P76’s and even more recently in the 90’s – the firestone / Ford Explorer case. In my opinion, automotive quality is higher than it has ever been in the history of the automotive industry. Warranties now run from 3-5 years, where even 10 years ago the 1 year warranty was the standard issue, at least here in Australia it was.

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