2010 March Madness Bracket Update on Basketball Tournament

The basketball games continue in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Dubbed as “March Madness”, it is considered as the hottest basketball games among colleges and universities which happens in the month of March.

Earlier, we saw several 2010 NCAA Brackets being updated as the game progresses. A lot of people have updated their 2010 March Madness Brackets to tally with the results of the various basketball game matches that were already finished in the first round.

How is your own 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets look like now? Did you get some of the actual results of the game? Did your lose some of your March Madness picks?

If you are the one of those persons who did not get the correct combinations of winning basketball teams, I am sure that you are shaking your head right now. Several of the NCAA Basketball Tournament outcomes have been expected to happen already but some were surprising. So what have you gotten correctly in your 2010 March Madness Brackets?

Look at it now by comparing your brackets to the latest 2010 March Madness Bracket Update with the latest scores, results and schedule of the next basketball games here.

Alternatively, there is also a PDF format of the 2010 March Madness Bracket Update here.

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