18th Century Ship Unearthed Underneath Ground Zero

Just recently, an 18th century ship was discovered buried under the grounds of the World Trade Center site. The workers was able to unearth a 32ft-long ship (9.8m) hull and it has been estimated that it was buried in the 18th century. Archaeologists believe the ship was used as a filler material to extend lower Manhattan into the Hudson River.

The ship was discovered Tuesday and Archeologist Molly McDonald is hoping that the ship would remain intact because the material seemed to be very fragile. “We’re mostly clearing it by hand because it’s kind of fragile,” said Ms McDonald.

Archaeologist Michael Pappalardo was also at the site with M. McDonald when the ship was discovered last Tuesday morning by workers building the new World Trade Center. They are recording every detail of it in as fast as they can before the wood begins to deteriorate because of exposure to the air.

There was also an anchor that was unearthed nearby but they not yet sure if it belongs to the ship.

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