12 Psychic Pandas Predicts Outcome on Asian Games

Paul the octopus became famous internationally after correctly predicted the winner of each of Germany’s seven matches in the 2010 World Cup and results of the final match. But this psychic octopus died last October 26.

Now the Chinese discovered their very own version for the Asian Games: 12 pandas in Guangzhou.

Reports have it that the 12 “psychic” pandas are now living in Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort’s zoo. The pandas are performing medal predictions for the games, becoming local celebrities in the process.

According to the news, each panda has a different specialty. Described as smart and quick, Bosi predicted the outcome of the martial arts competition at the Asian games. Another panda named Hui Hui made predictions for the diving competition since zoo keepers say she likes playing in water.

The pandas are given two different foods, one representing China and one representing a different country. The one the panda chooses to eat is said to be the predicted winner.

China is always represented by bamboo, the plant that makes up the majority of the animal’s diet.

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