10 Year Old Gives Birth: News alarms Spain

A 10 year old Romanian Gypsy gave birth recently in Spain. This news spreads like wildfire in the country, but the new mother’s age is not the biggest issue here. People are criticizing how the mother of the 10 year old kid reacted to the pregnancy.

Our respondent said that the new ‘grandmother’ expressed her delight upon learning that her 10 year old child, who is still considered as a minor, is pregnant. She couldn’t understand the reason why this unlikely pregnancy is a big issue. Although the real identity of the mother-daughter is not disclosed in public to protect their privacy, they revealed that the father of the newly-born baby is a 13-year old Romania boy and he’s already out of the picture.

Authorities from Spain are still investigating this matter. There is possibility that charges may be filed to the father of the baby. Even the ‘grandmother’, who is believed to be in her early 30’s, might be sent to jail once they proved her negligence as a parent to a minor. The family plans to stay in Spain for the meantime.

Interestingly, this 10 Year Old Mom is not the youngest mom in the world. In the 1940’s, a certain Lina Medina from Mexico gave birth when she was just five years old.

One thought on “10 Year Old Gives Birth: News alarms Spain

  1. I am outraged as how this “little girl” is put in a parental situation before she is of age to know the difference between right and wrong. I am very fortunate that I am an american citizen and have the opportunity to teach my children right from wrong and to know your body is sacred and to not be used in that time of manner. There is no way for a 10 year old to support herself much less a child when she is a child herself. The only word that I can come up with is DISGUST!

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