“Thriller” Named Best Music Video on MySpace.

He may have passed on to the next life, but Michael Jackson’s legacy continue to live on.

The late King of Pop’s Thriller music video has been named as the best music video on MySpace.

The Thriller music video, which was released back in 1983, has remained a popular music video to this day and is probably one of the most famous Jackson videos of all time.

Rounding up the list are: Lady GaGa’s Telephone at number two, number three was AC/DC’s Long Way To The Top and  Daft Punk’s Around The World landed at number four.

The rest of the videos that made it to the list also included:

My Chemical Romance – Helena
Britney Spears – Baby, One More Time
OK Go – Here It Goes Again
Jay-Z – 99 Problems
Johnny Cash – Hurt

Congratulations, Michael! Maybe Facebook should follow suit and come up with its own list, if only to add to Thriller’s glory.

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