“Django” is the World 9-Ball King

One of the most feared cue artists in the world is Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante. Earlier today, he just captured the 2010 World 9-Ball Pool Championship in Doha, Qatar. He accomplished this feat by beating Kuo Po-Cheng, dubbed as the “Little Monster” of Taiwan, by a score of 13-7.

Though ‘Django’ is recognized worldwide as an accomplished cue artist, the World 9-Ball crown is one that he will cherish as this was the only piece of championship that he has not won before. Year to date, this is Bustamante’s fourth title.

The road to the finals was both bitter and sweet as he had to overcome fellow countryman Antonio ‘Nickoy’ Lining in the semifinals, 11-5. In the other semifinal match, Kuo barely slipped past another legend, Johnny Archer, 11-10.

Top prize money in this tournament was worth $36,000. Runner-up Kuo received $18,000 while Archer and Lining both got $10,000

This comes in as one of Bustamante’s sweetest victories as this has given him a title that has been missing in his collection of championships.

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